"From a tribune I always tell only the truth", - the first deputy of the Nikolaev mayor

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On September 18, at the second plenary session 27-й sessions of the Nikolaev city council, deputies discussed the material written on a site "Crime. Is NOT PRESENT".

To a tribune there was a first deputy of the Nikolaev mayor Yury Granaturov.

"on September 17 the meeting devoted to questions of debt on a salary of the enterprises of the Nikolaev area took place. I want to inform deputies on it as there it was a question and of one of our municipal enterprises - KP Broadcasting Company "MARCH"", - so began the performance vice-the mayor.

He reported that the director of KP Broadcasting Company "MARCH" was in hospital and wasn't present at the specified meeting. In YEAH, namely there passed this action, of "MARCH" there was a journalist who as Yury Isayevich emphasized, "doesn't possess information in full".

"On the same day on the Internet, naturally, without any signature, there was information that the city council doesn't pay a broadcasting time on MART TV channel. It isn't true. All plots which leave on "MARCH", are paid according to the won tenders and contracts", - Yu. Granaturov declared.

According to him, the small debt arose as a result now there is a big recession of demand for advertizing.

"We never helped this municipal enterprise, didn't allocate money for equipment updating. Now we have to help "MARCH". I simply ask all heads of our departments by which money for payment of mass media and which, since housing and communal services Department, work and social security Department was allocated, act on "MARCH" rather often, but any kopek didn't pay, to deal with it", - Yury Granaturov declared.

Thus he emphasized that any questions of that the city council didn't pay for something, wasn't, isn't present and can't be.

Also Yu. Granaturov asked deputies city for suggestions to support this unique enterprise as in Ukraine there are only three municipal TV channels.

"The request not to consider this information truthful", - the first deputy of the Nikolaev mayor so finished the performance.

The mayor of Nikolaev V. Chaika, smiling, I asked: "So what information not to consider truthful - your or that which is posted online? "

On this question the definite answer was given. "From a tribune I always tell only the truth! ", - Yu. Granaturov declared.


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