"As a whole the area is prepared for a heating season", - the governor of the Nikolaev area

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The Deputy Glavy Sekretariata President of Ukraine Roman Bessmertny carried out with chairmen of regional public administrations the selector meeting devoted to preparation zhilishchno - municipal services to a heating season.

The previous meeting on this subject took place at the end of August.

At this meeting discussed: preparation for a heating season of boiler rooms, objects of social infrastructure, houses; calculations of areas for the used gas, including the enterprises of thermal power. Also the transfer course on balance of local bulks of military camps was discussed and is professional - technical schools.

The deputy Glavy Sekretariata supported that this year in some regions to begin a heating season earlier, in view of weather conditions. First of all, it is a question of connection of heating at schools, kindergartens and hospitals which needs to be begun, without waiting on October 15.

Besides, R. Bezsmertny pointed to irrationality of an existing order of establishment of tariffs on zhilishchno - utilities.

Roman Bessmertny reported that intends to report on the Head of state on separate aspects of problems which were considered during meeting, and to suggest to submit them for National Security and Defense Council consideration.

Consoles that during meeting of the head of our area didn't "lift", demanding explanations of any defects.

Upon termination of selector meeting Alexey Garkusha commented on a condition of preparation zhilishchno - municipal services of the Nikolaev area by winter. Readiness for winter is a complex indicator, - he explained, - on one components we are ready for 90%, on another - for 100%.

"For example, on 97-98%% educational institutions and health care establishments are ready to winter. There are still separate schools (in Snigirevke, Domanevke) at which take defect place, but (till October 15) and they will be completely ready to the beginning of a heating season. That is, as a whole the area is prepared for a heating season", the governor of the Nikolaev area declared.

Also, Alexey Nikolaevich addressed to inhabitants of the Nikolaev area with a reminder that calculations for energy carriers is necessary today for joint stock company


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