As a result of road accident in the Crimea 18 citizens of Russia

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In the Crimea there was a serious road accident in which Russians suffered. Varying severity 18 Russians, including 11 children were traumatized. Some of citizens of the Russian Federation are in a serious condition, with injuries of a backbone. From a place of road accident them carried on several carriages of "ambulance" and passing cars. Two of injured children are hospitalized with bruises of soft fabrics and cuts, threat to their lives isn't present.

The SUV in full operation crashed into the Ikarus bus with tourists from the Komi Republic. Accident happened on 30 - m of km of the route Simferopol - Nikolaevka, transfers Vesti TV channel. The blow was such force that the bus developed on 180 degrees.

As responsible for road accident, most likely, the bus driver will be recognized. It in violation of the rules didn't pass the SUV. The driver "Ikarusa" not only violated traffic regulations, but also as reported in GAI of Ukraine, at all had no right to operate bus as it had no driving license of category of D. necessary for this purpose

The previous road accident with bus participation in the Crimea took place on May 6 of this year when near the settlement Koreiz turned over the regular bus following on a route Sevastopol - Yalta - Simferopol. In total as a result of road accident 6 of 20 passengers of the bus suffered.

And the most large-scale road accident in the Crimea happened on December 17, 2003. Then the bus, Pavlograd following by flight - Alushta, lost control, moved down in a ditch and turned over. In the bus there were 33 miners from Pavlograd, the guide and two drivers going for rest in alushtinsky boarding house "Gold Ear". As a result of road accident of 18 people were lost. The rupture of the right back tire of the bus became a cause of accident.


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