Without piece of paper you are a small insect, or History of one grant

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Grant in more than twelve thousands of hryvnias, paid by the state at the birth of the child to young parents who face a chain of never-ending wastes, - simply an oasis in the desert. Alas, often oases appear a mirage. The huge love of room workers to pieces of paper, бумажулькам and to bumazhention, forces to get improbable references and considerably slows down process of receiving money. At first sight, if to study the list of necessary documents for receiving a grant, it is possible to be glad - a standard set: the passport, the statement, documents on the child … In practice everything was more difficult. It visually confirmed standing before before the building of office of Fund of work and social protection of the population.

Having got to a treasured office, I learned that I still should collect a good few of documents. It is the reference what I am not the business owner, the savings book testifying to existence of the open account on my name, and entry in the house register, confirming what the child is registered and lives with me (and where still to live to the two-month kid? ). Anything difficult, but production of these references demands time. So, on reference preparation that I am not brought in the state register of business owners, week left. And with obtaining the savings book there were problems - huge turn of the savings of people standing behind payment not really - that like my assurances that the house me is waited by the small child. About two hours were necessary to stand.

Having got the necessary documents, I tried the luck again in office of Fund of a social security. Papers took away from me, but here it appeared entries in the house register insufficiently, and from me demanded the reference from ZhEKA that my daughter lives with me. Senselessness of this invention is available: workers of ZhEKA won't go to me home to check, and will issue the reference on the basis of already available entry in the house register.

Communication, or rather opposition with ЖЭКом appeared the most difficult. Besides, having honestly defended in turn and having now listened to the characteristic on city municipal services and personally on the mayor (forgive, not really flatter), I entered a reception. The secretary of ZhEKA, it the clerk, having listened that it is necessary for me, categorically I declared:

- We don't give any references to the private sector, the receipt on payment for garbage removal won't be shown yet.

My assurances that on our street conduct the sewerage, "мусоровозка" simply doesn't go, and the garbage isn't taken out, didn't find understanding. Then I decided to appeal to legality - after all, simply speaking, it is blackmail, and there is no official document by which workers of ZhEKA, refusing to issue me the reference would be guided. However the secretary declared that the decision in which it is in black and white written down "not to issue to inhabitants of the private sector any references without payment for garbage" … is accepted executive committee. And here reaction to my request to show me this decision or at least to call its number, was rough:

- Now! I for the sake of you will stop and looking for everything!

Having deeply sighed and having taken an interest in reception hours of the chief of ZhEKA, I went home surely in a situation to deal with intention. The matter is that garbage removal on our street is a painful question. And a problem at all in the sum of 63 hryvnias a year from the person (though in it too - it is necessary to pay at once, instead of within year or quarter), and that this service isn't rendered to us. By the way, garbage removal in the private sector - process special. Every Thursday early in the morning on streets there goes the lorry. Approximately each fifty meters it stops, and the driver rings a hand bell. On this ring inhabitants with garbage cans and packages run. And run - eternally gloomy driver constantly is rude and shouts at seventy-year-old grandmothers who, in his opinion, very slowly move. Besides, it is possible to throw out only two buckets of garbage from one yard, it is no more. And where the family from four - five people has to put other garbage which has accumulated in a week - unclear. Precisely as it is unclear where and as week to store garbage, waiting for treasured Thursday, especially in the summer. Anyway, on our street this car doesn't go long ago. So for what to pay?

Next day I called in ZhEK and it was presented by the correspondent of the Nash Gorod newspaper. By phone the director of ZhEKA No. 14 Vitaly ZAKHARCHUK declared that ANY receipts from the private sector in its ZhEKE don't demand, and "it everything a lie". In 15 minutes after telephone conversation I again stood in a reception. Alas, the chief already on a place wasn't. Having shown to secretary already familiar to me the business card, I once again asked to issue me the reference, having referred to words of her chief.

- How we don't demand receipts? And told? - with astonishment she asked again. - Well, I don't know, I only from holiday … Perhaps something changed … Nikolay Ivanovich, and we unless don't demand from the private sector the receipt on payment for garbage removal? - the secretary towards an office with the plate "chief engineer" shouted.

- We demand! - there was an answer, and I understood that dialogue will proceed.

- What do you frighten me of the certificate? - the owner of an office met me.

- I am simply represented, I want to have a talk with you.

- There is no time to talk to me to you! I should work, - my interlocutor lined at this time by means of a ruler on equal columns the page of a thick writing-book.

Generally, conversation promised to turn into skirmish. Telling argument of my opponent in favor of payment for garbage was that the private sector throws out garbage in zhekovsky containers. But inhabitants of "skyscrapers" don't want that in their yards were the overflowed tanks, and therefore are very aggressively incited against private traders. So, to the private traders who have paid for garbage removal to go to throw out it to the next yard with the receipt on payment? To pay for service, and then still to row, proving the right to throw out garbage in any container? But why not to put additional containers for inhabitants of the private sector that service for which money demands, was not mythical, but real? Here therefore at first it is necessary to think over how to provide service in garbage removal, and then to think out, how many it will cost and demand payment. Alas, my arguments came across the fundamental phrase: "On thinking, I have an administration". Finally Nikolay Ivanovich threw:

- Our people got used to receive everything on "freebie"...

Upset with that didn't understand me, I approached to the secretary:

- So you will give me the reference?

- Well, time you from the newspaper, - was stretched by it and wrote out a piece of paper.

The spoiled mood from it didn't improve, after all in something Nikolay Ivanovich is right: to take out garbage on a city dump, money is necessary. And where to take them if the population doesn't pay for it? I even was going to return and pay right there all sum, but met the neigbour - 76 - the summer grandmother. The upset old woman almost with tears in the eyes told that hardly came to ZhEK to pay for garbage removal, but it … didn't accept.

- They have a dinner from twelve to two, I came at a quarter to twelve, and they before my nose closed doors …

The desire to pay for garbage evaporated - I am ready to make it as soon as to me will specify where I can freely throw out it.

But the last reference was on hands. What my surprise AS the document got with such work was apprehended in office of work and social protection was:

- And why you brought this reference? I already gave your documents for charge. Well all right, WELL, give, I there will glue it …

Finally I can tell only - the grant put at the birth of the child, I received two months later - just when to my child was executed four. Month, instead of years. And on that thanks.


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