Tymoshenko, Vasyunik and Lutsenko swore at meeting of Cabinet of Ministers

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Source: "NEWSru.ua"

The prime minister - the minister of Ukraine Yulia Timoshenko, vice-the prime minister - the minister Ivan Vasyunik and the Minister of Internal Affairs Yury Lutsenko at cabinet council of ministers exchanged critical remarks to each other in connection with disorder of the democratic coalition, reports the UNIAN.
- Lutsenko about Yushchenko: the point of sitting defines the point of view
- The minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs urged WELL to admit the guilt in disorder of the coalition
After Tymoshenko Vasyunik's opening speech I decided to put a number of political affairs before partners in the coalition.
The prime minister - the minister tried to interrupt performance vice-a premiere, having noted that it will have an opportunity for carrying out a press - conferences. However Vasyunik ignored this remark and declared that BYuT fraction shows double standards in parliament.
In particular, in his opinion, the support of the bill of public service and the bill of referenda of BYuT promotes realization of strategy of the party leader of regions Victor Yanukovych and his deputy Boris Kolesnikov about granting to Russian of the status of a state language, and also to carrying out at once two referenda - on a language question and of accession of Ukraine to NATO.
"If we speak about real consolidation of society, instead of doubtful consolidation of political leaders, let's not only proclaim, and to take all real steps to society consolidation", - Vasyunik told.
Thus he emphasized that the best exit for the state is renewal of the democratic coalition. In his opinion, renewal of work of a demkoalition is a BYuT fraction prerogative.
"This definition now behind Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc. I on behalf of ministers - "nasheukrainets" have a big request - to make this definition as soon as possible. In case statements which now sound about support of renewal of work of the democratic coalition with the assistance of Blok of Litvin, are the truth, then it is necessary to sit down without any conditions at a negotiating table at least in a format of council of the coalition", - offered vice-the prime minister.
In turn, Lutsenko called vice-the prime minister - the minister working in the government on a quota of the WELL block - NANOSECOND, not to transfer chaos from parliament to the Cabinet.
"At night, without having consulted not only to BYuT, but also to colleagues on the block, - and I want to remind you that we ("National self-defense") stood as a part of the WELL block - NANOSECOND which includes 9 parties, - members of "our Ukraine" who make minority of fraction if I am not mistaken, 23 deputies, (I don't know, how many there passed into ETs, it is very difficult to establish your guerrilla group), without having consulted to council of the coalition, you disorganized the democratic coalition and after that it is cynical, professing double standards, accuse of it anyone, only not yourselves which on phone call of one oligarch from - for borders and one oligarch on Bank disorganized the democratic coalition for which 8 years all present fought in each region of Ukraine", - were declared by Lutsenko.
Lutsenko about Yushchenko: the point of sitting defines the point of view
The Minister of Internal Affairs offered Vasyunika instead of statements at meeting of the government to provide information on results of work of the interdepartmental commission on investigation of activity of the mayor of Kiev Leonid Chernovetsky.
"Ivan Vasilyevich, you at first tell how the commission on Kiev which you headed and which the president forbids to disclose fulfilled because it needs to hand over to Chernovetsky the next award," - Lutsenko told.
"You tell about Victor Andreevich's told in 2003 the words that it is necessary to vote urgently for commissions of inquiry in parliament. And now you call it anticonstitutional and anti-Ukrainian actions!
What his words need to be perceived - told in 2003 or in 2008? Or it is called "a point of sitting defines the point of view"? Unless you don't know, how prosecutor's office отмазывает people close to the president whom caught on bribes? Really you don't know, what them at all don't allow to arrest under the direct pressure of the Secretariat? I once again speak: give at least here in the government not to be dishonored, and to work", - the minister declared.
He also suggested representatives to be gathered "our Ukraine" responsibility and courage to take the first step on restoration of structure of the democratic coalition.
In turn, the prime minister - the minister Tymoshenko called "our Ukraine" in the person of vice-the prime minister Vasyunik not to create provocations in connection with acceptance in the first reading the bill of public service.
"Our political team was, is and remains forever fighters for a uniform state language. Here put the end and stop all provocations. The law which is adopted in the first reading, is necessary to the country. In the second reading everything that doesn't correspond to ideology of our political force, will be corrected", - she declared.
Tymoshenko once again called the former partners in the coalition to refuse promotion of additional requirements and ultimatums and to return to the coalition.
According to her, BYuT, considering the strong pressure of the president and his Secretariat within eight months, also I could put forward a number of categorical conditions, for example, about dismissal of the head of the Secretariat president Victor Balogi and the secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Raisa Bogatyryovoy.
"We could put forward a set of conditions also on immediate removal of blocking of work of the Cabinet, parliament, the corruption management of Fund of the state property. But we don't put ultimatums", - emphasized with Tymoshenko.
Besides, Yury Lutsenko once again spoke concerning current situation in the country, but any more in a polylogue with Tymoshenko and Vasyunik, and at a briefing with journalists.
He considers that the president at the time of appointment of the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, having consulted with parties which created the coalition, brought the correct candidate to a position of the Minister of Internal Affairs.
Lutsenko noted that his candidate was проголосована in parliament and it is employed by parliament.
"I see no reason to imitate bad adventurous idea of mister Balogi to disorganize this government. Despite of all formalities during my appointment, my chief employer is the voter, and the decision on it was made by parliament. I will carry out the functions of the Minister of Internal Affairs while there will be a government", - Lutsenko told.
It added that if the head Victor Baloge "will manage to destroy the government", it will go to resignation "together with other colleagues", but by this moment isn't going "to leave the chair".
Lutsenko declared that all changes to bills and adoption of laws in parliament of Ukraine have to be accepted only after coalition renewal.
"I am deeply convinced that today the only exit - to be gathered responsibility and courage and to write the application, to deputies from "our Ukraine" to renew the coalition, and then to sit down at a negotiating table and to talk to partners. Probably, the wrong laws which "National self-defense" some supports, and some aren't present, the deviation from the coalition agreement" is possible, - Lutsenko at government meeting on Wednesday declared.
The minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs urged WELL to admit the guilt in disorder of the coalition
Besides, the minister declared that the initiator of disorder of the coalition has to renew it.
"First of all, the one who disorganized, that and has to renew the coalition, instead of do all by hostages in this absolutely abnormal situation", - the Interior Minister added.
We will pay attention that earlier it was reported that, according to NEWSru.ua, in a lobby negotiations between BYuT and part WELL - NANOSECOND ("National self-defense") about coalition creation are conducted. But after the solution of KS that only the whole fraction can be a part of the coalition, the only exit for creation of such coalition on the basis of BYuT without PR is a split WELL - NANOSECOND.
Then, having become separate independent political forces, parts WELL - NANOSECOND could join BYuT and, probably, to Blok of Litvin. It is known that to leave structure WELL - NANOSECOND not against "National self-defense". Members of NANOSECOND - 17. And according to the Ukrainian legislation, the deputy group to be fraction, has to total at least 14 members.
We will remind that on September 3 WELL block fraction - the NANOSECOND made the decision on an exit from the coalition with BYuT, how "byutovets" together with "regionals" by a majority vote accepted a number of laws and elected the first deputy head of the Verkhovna Rada and vice-the speaker.
About the official termination of existence of the coalition the speaker Arseniy Yatsenyuk in parliament announced on September 16.
One day later he declared the resignation.
On September 20 the Our Ukraine party approved the program principles of activity of the new parliamentary coalition.
On September 22 Vyacheslav Kirilenko transferred to BYuT fractions and Blok Litvin the program principles of formation of the new coalition.
On September 23 the leader of BYuT fraction Ivan Kirilenko declared that his political force agrees "generally" with the program principles offered by "nasheukrainets" on a coordination board of leaders of fractions and chairmen of committees of parliament.
And today WELL party leader - NANOSECOND disproved information on negotiating.According to him, on the program principles about coalition creation from BYuT fraction only standard formal reply which isn't clearing up a situation arrived.
You shouldn't forget and about Party of Regions which also participates in redistribution of the power and formation of the new coalition. So, 2 days ago PR officially defined group of deputies who from her name will conduct negotiations on coalition creation with other fractions of parliament including with BYuT.


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