Voznesensky executive committee received the international certificate of quality of ISO 9001:2000

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On September 24, 2008 to Kiev in the UNIAN I took place a press - conference at which the director general of "TYuF NORTH Ukraine" Galina Shpak - Levenberg solemnly handed over to Voznesensky to the mayor Yury Gerzhov the international certificate of quality of ISO 9001:2000.

Voznesensky the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies functions according to the international standard of quality management of ISO 9001:2000 - such conclusions of the external audit booked by the independent certifying TYuF NORTH organization Ukraine.

As the leading auditor of TUV CERT Leonid Gorshkov on completion of audit reported, the management of the city and Voznesensky's workers of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies executed considerable amount of works, introducing the Control system of Quality in the sphere of providing administrative services, and their work was crowned with success as audit confirmed its appropriate functioning.

Work on introduction in Voznesensky municipality of the Control system of Quality of ISO 9001:2000 lasted more than a year and was carried out by means of consultants of the Center of Support of Development (Lutsk) and Young Democracy Fund (Lublin, the Republic of Poland) which are recommended by the international organization TUV Rheinland INTERCERT for introduction of the Control system by Quality of a family of ISO.

During this time members of the Working Group of number of employees of executive committee processed documentation complex in the sphere of municipal services. It is over 70-ти Information cards with the detailed description of process of receiving administrative services in Voznesensky the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies. Actually Information cards are urged to simplify significantly to inhabitants a way from the address before receiving administrative services in the city halls, and the Ethical code, the Politician and the quality purposes, the Resolution on quality - have to promote increase of overall performance of municipality as it is the main documents which regulate provisions and ethical principles of work of the city power. Instructions and descriptions of processes of adoption of administrative decisions are created, infrastructure descriptions are prepared, duty regulations are revised.

To be convinced of efficiency of functioning of the Control system by Quality and to see it "in operation" employees of executive committee had opportunity during educational visits to Poland - to the city of Krasnik where the system is introduced in all city institutions and successfully some years function.

Within introduction of ISO 9001:2000 system were it is carried out a number of innovations: the Service station of the Customer - a place of the first contact of the citizen with the power is created; visualization of the room of executive committee is executed; various information materials in which it is step by step described that the customer has to make to resolve the issue in the city power are made.

- All this promotes formation of the accurate and clear principles of relationship in a vector "the power - residents", - Voznesensky the mayor Yury GERZHOV speaks. - Inhabitants receive exhaustive information concerning the question, know in what time it will be considered and solved and consequently, - the field for misunderstanding and possible abuses is leveled. Also introduction of the Control system by Quality helped to systematize documentation that in turn, facilitated work of workers and the establishment management.

Upon completion of work on documentation of the Control system of Quality in Voznesensk internal audit during which verification is carried out took place and is realized correctional and safety actions. However, external audit of system which was booked by independent structure - the certifying TYuF NORTH organization became a culmination point. The assessment was excellent, and the decision - Voznesensky's executive committee of city council receives the international certificate of quality of ISO 9001:2000.

It should be noted that the certificate of conformity isn't provided to norm of ISO "for life": annually observance of requirements is checked by independent experts, and each three years there will take place full certification of establishment. Also each time the organization which owns the certificate, has to provide to auditors own improvement and innovation in functioning of a control system by quality and thus to confirm that constantly improves the work.


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