Russia threatens Ukraine пенёй for early repayment of a gas debt

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Russia counts that even if Ukraine will ahead of schedule satisfy a public debt, the price for rent of bases by the Black Sea fleet of the Russian Federation in the Crimea won't change and remains at the level of 98 million dollars a year.

About it today during a teleconference Kiev - Moscow was told by the special envoy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Vladimir Dorokhin.

He noted that during negotiations in Kiev the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine appealed to representatives to receive information on vision by the Ukrainian party of a price question.

The diplomat considers that the question of early repayment by Ukraine of a public debt has to be considered in the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation. "I don't know, it is possible or not", - V. Dorokhin told.

He noted that a few years ago Russia wanted to satisfy ahead of schedule the public debt to the Paris Club at the expense of the income from sale of energy carriers. According to him, for the solution of this question two years of negotiations were spent, and Russia paid a penalty fee for early repayment.

"Even if it will occur (early repayment of a national debt), in our understanding the question of the size remains untouched - in the basic agreement is written if debts come to an end, Russia will continue to pay the sum of 98 million dollars. In order that to change it, it is necessary that Russia agreed", - V. Dorokhin emphasized.

At the same time, answering specifying question, for what sum Ukraine would like to raise a rent for the BSF of the Russian Federation, it answered: "Still the Ukrainian offers on a table aren't present". Thus he noted that anyway it is a question of increase in a rent.

As it was reported, the head of the Ukrainian state Victor Yushchenko asked Cabinet of Ministers to consider in the state budget for 2009 of means on repayment of a public debt in front of the Russian Federation. It is a question of 5,8 billion UAH. According to the President, it will allow Ukraine in 2009 to pass to market conditions of granting the Russian Federation into land lease and other property for stay of the BSF and to receive a real payment for pollution of environment and use of a radio-frequency resource of Ukraine. On predesigns, it is 7,5 billion UAH which we will be able already to receive until the end of 2009 and annually to receive till 2017.Besides, the milliard sums will be received by also local budget of ARC.

However on September 13 the representative of the Secretariat of the President declared that the government in the prepared draft of the state budget of Ukraine for 2009 didn't consider this proposal of the President.

At the same time the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vladimir Ogryzko declared that the Cabinet of Ukraine charged the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Economics and other departments to study a question of possibility of compensation of Russia in 2009 of a public debt of 1,3 billion dollars.


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