In the Nikolaev Chamber of Commerce and Industry the round table devoted to problems of arbitration legal proceedings

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In Nikolaev торгово - industrial chamber the round table devoted to problems of arbitration legal proceedings took place. The president of RTPP of the Nikolaev area Sergey Vlasenko, the chairman of constantly operating arbitration court at RTPP Yury Kuzovlev, the chairman of Arbitration Consideration of Disputes Association Sergey Nikolaytsev, the arbitration judge of constantly operating court at the Black Sea commodity exchange Alexander Arbatsky, arbitration judges Natalya Lyakh, Kira Sandyuk, Yury Arbatsky, Anna Beschastnaya took part in his work.

Participants of a round table discussed prospects of development of arbitration legal proceedings in Ukraine. The tendencies which were outlined recently, threaten existence of this public institute in our country.

The reasons of "turning" of activity of the arbitration courts, according to the majority of participants of a round table, are connected with lack of the weighed state policy in questions of protection of the rights and interests of the citizens using alternative ways of a resolution of conflicts. This problem demands conceptual approach taking into account the world practice which has developed for the last two decades, and provisions of the international law regulating activity of the arbitration courts. Such approach will promote strengthening of the status of Ukraine as constitutional democratic state, and, in particular, to answer obligations of members of the World organization of trade.

Participants of a round table discussed the bill of Ukraine "About modification of some acts of Ukraine", prepared by the People's Deputy of Ukraine A. Lavrinovich and accepted in the first reading by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. According to the Nikolaev arbitration judges, adoption of this law will narrow the contents and volume of the rights of the citizens existing before its acceptance.The persons who have received decisions of the arbitration court, won't be able to use the state support for its compulsory execution. It, in turn, will lead to an inequality of citizens before the law, discrimination of that part of the population of the country which chose an alternative way of settlement of disputes, and will illegally eliminate the state from its major constitutional duty - to provide human rights.

Participants of a round table in торгово - industrial chamber sent to the second congress of arbitration judges of Ukraine the offer to address on behalf of congress of arbitration judges in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and to the President of Ukraine with an appeal not to allow adoption of the discrimination law violating constitutional rights of citizens and contradicting norms of international law.


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