The chairman of the Nikolaev regional council Tatyana Demchenko signed the Open letter to Yushchenko which was published in the French newspaper Le Figaro for 21 thousand euros

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In the French newspaper Le Figaro there was the address directed against the President of Ukraine of Victor Yushchenko.

As found out the Business edition, the publication appeared in the form of advertizing article for 21 thousand euros.

To the Nikolaev readers it is for certain interesting both the text, and circumstances of its emergence, as among signers - the chairman of the Nikolaev regional council Tatyana Demchenko. So, in the beginning the letter.

Open letter to the president of Ukraine Yushchenko V.A.
("Le Figaro", France) on September 23, 2008.

Dear Victor Andreevich!

We, the Ukrainian historians, teachers of higher educational institutions, representatives socially - the political organizations of the country, address to you to draw your attention to a disturbing tendency to manipulate historic facts to please to tactical political reasons that conducts to the adaptation of historical science in a service staff of narrow clan interests.

Especially disturbs aspiration to consider the Ukrainian history in a separation from Russian, from the general historical destiny of two people closely bound and interconnected throughout the millennium. The obvious is denied: formation of the Ukrainian nation happened in fight of two historical tendencies one of which - orientation to Russia - won and led to emergence of the independent Ukrainian state in present borders. Any attempts to inspect joint history of two states conduct to stimulation of revanchist moods, bring ideological base under ideas of revision of present borders of Ukraine.

In these vague conditions it is extremely important not to change new judgment of history for momentary political requirements without that history - not old a dress which can be turned according to styles. History - the science explaining not only the past, but also serving as a reference point in the present rough global world full of threats and new calls. Task of historians of two countries - to keep and carefully to restore the historical way passed by two people together throughout the millennium.To explain why the people survived and kept the originality, territorial integrity, the general spiritual culture at all individual variety.

Especially disturbs zeal of the power in political rehabilitation and glorification of the management of OUN - unitary enterprise. The facts and documents including from the German archives from which follows that OUN management - unitary enterprise, as well as all activity of this organization, was under dense control of the German abver are thus ignored. The top of 'heroes' was trained at intelligence schools of the German Reich and was actively used for implementation of retaliatory operations, both in Ukraine, and in the territory of the next Belarus. The Russophobic ideology of the Ukrainian nationalism was demanded and was created under control of intelligence services of a nazi Reich.

In this light attempts of authorities to impose to the Ukrainian people which have won together with other Soviet people Hitlerite Germany, reconciliation with those who shot inhabitants of Kiev in Babi Yar look cynical, carried out ethnic cleanings on Volhynia - cut out there Poles and Jews, performed retaliatory operations against civilians of Belarus.
In effect, it is a question of revision - to please последышам Hitlerite fascism - Great Patriotic War results, of stealing from ours to the people the Victory over the worst enemy of the mankind, got in million lives of Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians and other people of the Soviet Union. Without this Victory there would be no independent Ukraine.

The unilateral treatment isn't admissible. Dangerously to play with history, also as well as to ignore the obvious facts. Future generations won't forgive us it.

We ask you to stop dangerous game with national history.

The letter signed:
Tolochko P.P., doctor of historical sciences, professor, director of Institute of archeology of NAN of Ukraine; Fomin A.I. the doctor of historical sciences, professor, the head of the department "History of state and law" East - the Ukrainian national university of V. Dahl (Lugansk); Kudelko S. M., doctor of historical sciences, professor of the Kharkov national university; Yurchenko S. V., doctor of political sciences, candidate of historical sciences, professor of Taurian national university; Shulga N. A. doctor of sociological sciences, deputy director of Institute of sociology of NAN of Ukraine; Dukhopelnikov V. M., doctor of historical sciences, professor of the Kharkov national university; Харабуга V.V., candidate of historical sciences, Simferopol; Konovalov S. N., candidate of philosophical sciences, associate professor of the Kharkov national university; Komilov V. V., director of the Ukrainian branch of Institute of CIS countries; Landsman V.A. the candidate of historical sciences, vice-the mayor of Kharkov; Lantukh V. V., doctor of historical sciences, professor of the Kharkov national university; Pogrebinsky M. B., director of the Kiev Center of political researches and conflictology; Seminozhenko V.P., member of National academy of Sciences of Ukraine, president of NPO Ukrainsky forum; Bakharev K.M. editor-in-chief of the Krymskaya Pravda newspaper; Belov K.G. deputy of the Simferopol City Council; Elder O. And. publicist; Vorontsov V. G., chairman of the International Ukrainian union of participants of war, member of coordination council of the organization for affairs of veterans of wars of the CIS, veteran of the Second World War; Great M.V., chairman of the commission on questions of science and education of the City Council of Donetsk; Golenko V. N. the chairman of Lugansk regional council, the chairman Gumanitarnogo Ukraine - the Russian council; Gakova M. V., deputy of the Donetsk City Council; Demchenko T.V. chairman of the Nikolaev regional council; Dygas Zh.T. the colonel in resignation, the member of presidium of the International Ukrainian union of participants of war, the lawyer; Kauffman L.B. chairman of Association of groups of veterans of war, member of presidium of the International Ukrainian union of participants of war; Klien Yu.A. the colonel in resignation, the veteran of the Second World War; Kovalenko A.M. member of Association of social support and protection of the former staff of intelligence services of Ukraine "COMMONWEALTH", general; Kolesnichenko V. V., deputy of parliament of Ukraine; G. K. Hooks, executive secretary of NPO Ukrainsky forum; Kuznetsov A.A. plenipotentiary of the International union of public associations of the hero towns of Ukraine and Belarus; Prokopenko A.V. the editor-in-chief of the Russkaya Pravda newspaper, the secretary Gumanitarnogo Ukraine - the Russian council; Rabinovich V. Z. president of "The All-Ukrainian Jewish congress"; Svetlitsky A.A. first deputy chairman of the Zaporozhye regional council; Simonenko I.P., the candidate of historical sciences, the chairman of the party "Russko - the Ukrainian union"; Kharin E.N. vice-chairman of Lugansk regional council; Tsarov O. A. deputy of parliament of Ukraine; Tsekov S. P., the first vice-the speaker of the Supreme Council ARE the Crimea; Shekhtman S. A. the colonel in resignation, the veteran of military service, the participant of elimination of consequences of the Chernobyl accident, the journalist; Yatsko B. A. the colonel in resignation, the veteran of military service, the candidate of historical sciences.
(The permanent address of the text - ).

The edition Put made the investigation of emergence of this document and found out that under the letter costs 37 signatures, but from indicated the surnames only nine people are related to historical science. The others - functionaries of regional and city councils of the cities of East Ukraine and the Crimea, heads of the Ukrainian public organizations, and also нардепы from Party of Regions.

Russian MASS MEDIA instantly translated the address into Russian and spread around it on the Internet, allegedly even the western press listens to the Ukrainian intellectuals which oppose "Russophobic" policy Bank.

However, according to the newspaper, on a site Le Figaro the specified address was absent.

Moreover, in newspaper editorial office reported that journalists of the edition didn't prepare a similar material.

In Embassy of France in Ukraine provided edition number where it is valid on the sixth page the address to Yushchenko in French was published. On its appearance it became clear as the similar publication appeared on pages of the European press. The address occupies a quarter of a page and is placed in a bottom corner. The font of a material differed from used in the newspaper, that is the address appeared in the form of the advertizing message.

Having presented by the employee of the Ukrainian political party, the correspondent Dela took an interest, how much is placement of the similar address in the French newspaper. As writes Business, in Le Figaro requested 21 thousand euros.

However to learn surnames of people or the name of the organizations which prepared the address and collected signatures under it, it appeared not easy. The majority of historians and officials who vised the letter, couldn't explain distinctly, under what circumstances it occurred.

As it was succeeded to find out To business, signing of the document took place at the international World War II conference: attempts of revision of results. It began on the fifth of September in Kiev, and ended on the eighth of September in Paris.

As the main organizer of action the Russian Institute of political researches which is headed by the odious deputy of the State Duma of Russia Sergey Markov acted. I helped it Humanitarian Ukrainian - the Russian council created in this summer with the participation of the chairman of the Lugansk regional council of Valery Golenko, the chairman of the Russian community of the Crimea Sergey Tsekov.

Political scientists assume what exactly the Russian organization paid the publication against Yushchenko. Markov reported that knows where and on what page the address is published. However I didn't confirm that has personal relation to publication placement.

According to Markov, on conference in Yalta he wasn't let by the Ukrainian frontier guards "as the person, not desirable for entry into Ukraine".

"Anything, our Ukrainian companions will peck Yushchenko", the politician declared.

Business writes that recently political orders in the French press became regular.

"Quite recently in the Le Monde newspaper Michel Prazan's anti-Ukrainian article Ukraine - the European state was published? It is unlikely. The French press is used as the base for discredit of Ukraine. After all France now presides in EU, and on it depends, whether will accept there our country", professor of political science Kiyevo - Mogilyansky academy Alexey Garan reported.

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