Lazarenko allegedly itself asked for prison for fear to be the killed you understand whom

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On October 1 in 2008 the former prime minister - the minister of Ukraine Pavel Lazarenko in common with the protection made the unprecedented decision - to return to penal institution of the USA with the purpose to secure the life.

About it it is spoken in the statement of the lawyer P. Lazarenko Mariny Dolgopoloy.

Referring to information received from the American lawyers, M. Dolgopolaya notes that "this decision is made only in connection with the latest political events in Ukraine and understanding of that as a result of sharp political opposition in Ukraine, the personality Lazarenko became too dangerous and inconvenient certain political leaders of Ukraine".

According to M. Dolgopola, "Lazarenko P. I. the facts confirming existing real threat to his life" became known.

"The similar situation already was in 1999 on the eve of presidential election in Ukraine when at insistance of FBI of Lazarenko it was isolated. Then, according to the American intelligence services, the Russian criminal structures received a task from the Ukrainian politicians physically to destroy Lazarenko", - the lawyer noted and added: "Unfortunately, the situation repeats and in the second half of September, 2008".

According to M. Dolgopola, "Lazarenko P. I. lawyers. claim that as soon as the political situation in Ukraine is normalized, he will be able to come back home".

As it was reported, on September 25 the first deputy secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Stepan Gavrish declared that Ukraine reached the preliminary agreement with the American side upon a possible extradition to Ukraine being the prime minister - the minister P. Lazarenko.

In turn, the prime minister - the minister Yulia Timoshenko declared on September 29 that doesn't exclude that for fight against it can be used and P. Lazarenko's extradition.


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