On a celebration to the Teachers' Day the head of department of education Nikolaev YEAH praised himself

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Today, on October 2, in Nikolaevsk the academic Ukrainian drama theater and the musical comedy of educators heads of the Nikolaev area congratulated.

The head of department of education Nikolaev YEAH Valery Melnichenko left the first to a microphone.

He thanked the management of the Nikolaev area for everything that they do for development of the educational sphere, including for excellent financing and ensuring educational process.

"Teachers - pride of our state. It is necessary to tell thanks to the authorities that they pay huge attention to the educational sphere. We have recently all only and do that abuse the power. However to abuse somebody is not science. Today twice more funds are allocated for education, than a year ago almost, and it is a merit of the authorities", - Valery Vladimirovich noted.

So it turns out, V. Melnichenko praised himself, after all he directs all education in the Nikolaev area?

I stepped on the stage and the governor of the Nikolaev area Alexey Garkusha. His speech appeared the longest. Nearly 30 minutes A. Garkusha told that the Nikolaev area has very high potential, but it needs to be used more effectively.

Alexey Garkusha called teachers not only to teach children, but also to bring up them.

"We have to bring up in our children of citizens of Ukraine who will be patriots of the state", - the governor declared.

Tatyana Demchenko, the chairman of the Nikolaev regional council, also congratulated teachers on their professional holiday.

Possibly, Tatyana Vasilyevna very much listened carefully speech of the head of department of education Nikolaev YEAH because commented on his some statements.

In her opinion, Valery Vladimirovich gave out compliments to the authorities in the advance payment.

"Yes, there are positive tendencies, but still a lot of things need to be made and if executive power doesn't consult, we (a regional council - an editor's note) will make it", - T. Demchenko noted.

Honored teachers awarded with awards of a name of Pyotr Mogila and Makarenko, and also handed over them certificates of honor of the regional state administration and regional council.


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