Lutsenko told about rough youth and the first acquaintance to militia

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The chief militiaman of the country told how passed his own acquaintance to militia in rough student's years.

Details of the specific experience the Minister of Internal Affairs poured out in interview to the newspaper Facts and comments :

- Business was on December 19 - in birthday of the Secretary general of the Central Committee of CPSU Leonid Brezhnev. I pasted its book "Small Earth" on a monument to the first printer Fedorov. The militia chased me hour two, but I knew old Lviv better than my persecutors. It was, perhaps, the only skirmish with militiamen. Even in spite of the fact that we and beer in parks drank, and to beer... Since then I kept a habit - to lay the last friend but only after that to relax most. I well understood that any "is filled in" in militia it it is very bad. All our tricks had more likely character of tricks.

I remember when in the USSR "there was no sex", TVs in Lviv very well caught the Polish television which with might and main broadcast different western programs including the erotic. As - that looked at transfer about same-sex marriages. And what we учудили? Came with children into a registry office, we approach to регистраторше, the grandmother - a God's dandelion, and we speak supposedly our friends want to submit the application... She asks: "Who groom? " We show on one guy. And when the grandmother took an interest in the bride, showed on the second. Registratorsha with amazement asks: "And where girl? " We answer supposedly won't be. That here began! The man, by the form the former employee of KGB, with shouts came running: "Where here п... сты? ! " And we started explaining to him that it is impossible to offend people who want to establish a strong Soviet family. Naturally, us handed over in militia. We and explanatory wrote, and in a tubule breathed - were checked on alcohol. All ended with that released us, at parting having few times cut on kidneys...


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