In Nikolaev there passes a series of public hearings on intra domestic building

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For 25-й sessions of city council the decision on creation of three working groups which within a month had to deal with everyone "a painful point" (then the deputy of the mayor Vladimir Gatsura was made on July 10 counted 10 conflict zones) and to render the verdict.

Into the working groups had to enter not only deputies of city council and specialists of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies, but also representatives of the public, i.e. inhabitants of the yards in whom intend to build new houses. However representatives of the public were invited to meetings of the working groups far not on everyone to "a painful point".

Therefore the wave of public hearings in the yards which have got to the list of the conflict around the city swept. Already passed public hearings, and simply - general meetings of inhabitants of the yard, Krylov St., the residential district "Northern", Architect Starov St. at which only one decision formulated in the short phrase was made: "We don't want construction, and in offense we won't give the yard". The same public hearings took place and on October 4 in the yard formed by five houses - Lenin Ave., 26-and, 28, 30, 32 and Ryumin St., 15

We will remind that in this yard the five-floor house plans to build JSC Center of Utilities Namyv (the director - the deputy of city council Valery Artemenko elected from the block of N. Vitrenko "National opposition"). That in this yard construction of one more five-storey building is planned, inhabitants of five houses learned incidentally - how in March of last year the yard territory was reserved for construction of the 5-floor house.

Creation of the working groups on studying of conflict situations in the yards where construction is planned, gave to some hope that - about the direct construction license - JSC Center of Utilities Namyv won't receive the third solution of session. But time went, and anybody on meetings of the working group didn't call representatives of the yard to hear their opinion on alleged construction. Then people decided to declare themselves.

According to one of activists Valentina Habenko, the deputy of city council Valery Artemenko was invited to public hearings by the registered mail with the notice also, representatives of ZhEKA were invited. However they weren't, but their "companions in misfortune" - inhabitants of the yards on Krylov St., the representative of the yard on Lenin Ave., 71 (there too group of five five-storey buildings in which yard decided to construct a skyscraper) came to support inhabitants of the yard.

Inhabitants of the yard were uniform - to stand up to the end in protection of own yard against any construction projects, up to physical dismantle of a construction fence, awaking that will appear. And that and in the city hall knew about this opinion of inhabitants of the yard, the protocol of public hearings (were chosen the chairman of meeting, the secretary, counting board, participants of meeting registered strictly on passport presentation though all know each other more than 40 years), which will be transferred to the deputy of the mayor Vladimir Gatsure was as appropriate issued.

It is necessary to add that at these public hearings, as well as on others similar, there was a management of public organization "Our City" - Georgy Rogov and Anatoly Onofreychuk. However, it was to be expected - it would be silly if any of the public organizations, applying for representation in the power (or on representation in the power of some persons from this organization), I didn't pick up such "fat" subject as intra domestic building.

"Our city" was quicker than others. And as though present deputies didn't treat activity of this public organization, getting acquainted with a large number of people public men can become the terrible force which quite really can on upcoming elections in local councils "stain" reputation of some parties and blocks, whose deputies were noticed in participation in intra domestic and intra quarter building.


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