In the days off in Nikolaev two meetings of inhabitants on conflict buildings

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In Nikolaev campaign of fight of inhabitants with the intra domestic buildings which foundation was laid by public organization "Our City" grows. We already reported to our readers about the meetings which have taken place in the residential district "Northern" and on Krylov St. And in last days off passed two more meetings - in the yards on Lenin Avenue and Ryumin St. crossing, and also Lenin Avenue and Lyagin St.

The problems which have arisen to these addresses, are as like as two peas: in both cases builders, at all without having taken an interest in opinion of inhabitants, decided to intrude in the yards long ago rendered habitable by them with new construction. Both on Lyagin, and on Ryumin as a result of building nurseries and sports grounds will be destroyed, and from the territory of the yard there are pathetic, on anything not suitable scraps of the territory.
By 16.00 on Saturday in the yard formed by five houses - Lenina 26а, 28, 30, 32, and also Ryumina, 15 - about two hundred inhabitants gathered. It was registered at meeting of 189 people. The first that was evident - everything became on - to the present that is called "without poppycock": registration was carried out strictly according to the passports, everyone personally undersigned for the list. Everything, it seems, was as usual: elected the chairman of meeting - the inhabitant of the house No. 32 on Lenin Avenue Vladimir Yagodin - counting board, the secretary became him. Approved the agenda, the regulations etc. However, on a spirit of the present it was felt that it not ordinary action, not for "tick". As was confirmed by a further course of meeting. Acting was much, everything who wished spoke. And everything who took the floor, were unanimous - no house in the yard can be because such construction will destroy vital space of inhabitants of five houses. Doesn't remain a place children to play, to old men to sit. Thought badly of the deputy of the City Council Artemenko - he heads JSC Center of Utilities Namyv which intended to erect the house in the yard.By the way, Valery Artemenko didn't come to the meeting though him invited both in writing, and orally. The reason of absence is obvious: and what he will be able to tell two hundred people - that wants to take away from them the yard? On everything it was visible that people are full of determination to defend the yard all available methods and if it is required - that and to enter physical opposition. Therefore vote was quite predictable: against construction in the yard spoke unanimously. As unanimously inhabitants voted for OSMD creation.
And upon termination of meeting representatives of public organization "Our City" Georgy Rogov and Anatoly Onofriychuk together with the member of initiative group Valentina Evgenyevna Habenko walked on house No. 30 apartments on Lenin Avenue. The impression was more than depressing: from the first to the last floor of a wall are speckled by cracks. The matter is that this house - special. In it builders put up … only two walls! That is, thrust it between two houses standing earlier, having used their external walls as the face - in defiance of all construction norms. Now people toil - only manage to close up cracks as they appear again. It is possible to imagine that will happen to this house if nearby, in the yard, new construction begins!
Sunday meeting in the yard formed by houses on Lenin Avenue 71 and 71а, Lyagina, 26 and 26а, Soviet, 13 was very similar to the Saturday. About two hundred people gathered in the yard as. In the same way on meeting weren't neither representatives of firm - the builder, nor officials of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies. Generally, same scenario.
Messages charged meeting to Yury Mostovom. All aspects connected with construction in the yard of the 12-floor (!) house moreover with an underground parking, the member of initiative group Lidiya Alekseevna Dynenkova in details stated. And here people are full of determination to defend the yard from encroachments of a certain state of emergency "Tsentrstroyinvest". Inhabitants even managed to defend the right for vital space in court - the Central court of the city of Nikolaev made the decision on illegality of allocation of a site under construction in this yard. However, decisions it was appealed in the Odessa appellate court, so judicial proceedings still ahead. All acting were categorical - about any construction out of the question! Numerous examples of violation of construction norms, Laws of Ukraine, juggling by allowing instances of data etc. were given. As a result all unanimously voted against construction.And too decided to create OSMD once and for all to protect the yard from encroachments.
It seems that inhabitants of multi-storey buildings in Nikolaev at last - that realized the force, and the considerable role in it was played by activity of public organization "Our City" which acted as the initiator of carrying out a series of public hearings. The meetings which have passed to four addresses show that people aren't going to be reconciled any more with a construction arbitrariness, are ready on resolute actions and - that the most pleasant - are ready in upholding of the rights will unite. On both meetings - both on Saturday, and on Sunday - there came representatives from other districts of the city where as the construction conflicts take place: with "Northern", from Krylov, from Chigrin, from Faleevskaya etc. And not simply came, and actively acted with support of a position of the inhabitants holding meeting. Quite so - from performances in protection of the rights, civil society also begins with solidary support of each other.


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