Yury Lutsenko: in Ukraine penalties for violation of traffic regulations didn't reach the European level

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After the parliament many times lifted penalties for violation of the rules of traffic (traffic regulations), the Correspondent met the Minister of Internal Affairs Yury Lutsenko to understand how this innovation will affect the Ukrainian drivers and pedestrians.
- If to compare to other countries as far as penalties in Ukraine increased?
- Penalties in the new Ukrainian law didn't reach level of penalties European and even Russian.
- Why?
- Our legislator mercy.
- Because itself goes?
- Not only. Obviously, it is calculation of financial position of the majority of drivers, for which penalty of 500-700 UAH and furthermore 2.500-3.600 it is quite notable.
- The raised penalties - the raised bribes...
- Let speak honestly: yes, bribes take place to be. GAI just the same, as well as Ukrainian society. GAI couldn't take if didn't give, sometimes even put.
But if today 50-ю гривнями pay off on roads, with toughening of punishment will be as much, but in dollars. Certainly, it is illegal, and we will fight against it, but the answer very simple: you don't want to be the bribery victim, don't break traffic regulations.
Since January 1 of GAI will pass to a contract form of service in which there will be a salary from 4 thousand UAH, the simplified mode of discharge from fulfillment of duties in case of statements and confirmation of rough violations. I accent - statements and confirmations. Any who will show us diktofonny record or the witness, - we only will be grateful to it for clarification of our ranks from boors, corrupt officials. One more thing: in the contract the maximum of cash which has the right to have at itself the employee of militia will be provided. This norm is in many countries, and it justified herself.
- The main yurupravleniye of BP made a number of remarks to the law, in particular, noted that while there is no uniform base of GAI and executive service, it is impossible to check execution of penalties...
- The new law provides creation of the automated system. On it time is necessary. But from - for it to postpone an establishing order problem on roads for some years - madness. Penalties will raise, as before, through operating executive service.Because penalties any more 17 UAH for which the performer won't go. And penalties, for example, for a carousal at a wheel of 2.5 thousand or about 500 UAH for lack of an obligatory insurance - the real purpose for service. The second mechanism of collecting penalties - payment check when passing checkup. Within a year we plan to develop the first stage of the automated system, and each patrol will have an access to databases. Then at any stop to them inspectors will see violators, he paid a penalty earlier or not.
- GAI officers have the most simple and favourite method of rather fair depriving of money at the population - to hide in a secluded place behind a sign of restriction of speed and to catch on a gun. It will be possible to get rid of it?
- And you noticed, what in the new law there is no punishment for speed excess on 20 km/h? These ill-fated 20 km/h rather often the artificial. And excess on 40-50 km/h - already obvious violation. And, from my point of view, it has to stand behind that sign, but only with a video camera.
- It seems, all of them will stand there behind a sign instead of being at difficult intersections, for example.
- It is theoretically impossible to put the employee of GAI even in the capital at each intersection. And times aren't present control, the violator pulls to the place of irresponsibility. The exit is - video fixing. For this year we recorded 600 thousand violations of traffic regulations are without use of video equipment. With equipment this number will increase in tens times. And these figures are made not up: we in the capital put cameras on a brisk highway, and literally in some hours of the technician fixed 300-400, even 600 violations. That the new law gives the chance to recognize a photo - and video fixing by the proof, - the most basic moment. It will provide objectivity regardless of the one who at a wheel, by what car, what certificate swings.
According to the new law, 50% of penalties will go to local budgets. We with them have a preliminary arrangement that this money will go for purchase of new video equipment [for establishing order on roads].
- Application админареста and public works - real prospect?
- Public works will be an opening for evasion from responsibility. You know that any of serious officials will take the reference in executive committee or from the godfather that it painted a fence, and on it everything will end. It isn't pleasant to me. Fortunately, in the law it is provided "or".Certainly, it would be interesting to look as [the mayor of Kiev Leonid] Chernovetsky paints the railway station that illegally with flashers goes on streets, but I am afraid that his deputy will write out to it the reference that it already made it. In this case, it seems to me, contrary to similarity [this type of punishments] on the European practice, at us it won't be carried out.
- Picture which we see every day: pair of cars "kissed" on the road, anything essential, but GAI it is necessary to wait for hours. As a result - a huge stopper.
- These are people who want to wait for GAI. Actually it is optional: drivers can draw up the statement of fault recognition during road accident, inform GAI by phone and go further. Such norm is, but people mentally are afraid that then there will be problems with insurance.
We took a problem under the control and we declare that we will punish that insurance which don't recognize the lawful simplified mode of fixing of road accident. We will look at the report: today 27 thousand violations in days, 1.125 drunk, 937 departures for road accident registration, from them 180 - with victims. That is 757 - excess departures, 757 times employees of GAI were engaged in in what, in principle, participants of movement had to be engaged among themselves.
- And when these sanctions to insurance companies will be applied?
- It isn't provided by the law yet. Today we can press only on them in all ways. As far as I understand, they are rather seriously interested in cooperation with us when checking [the staff of GAI] existence of a [obligatory] insurance. We will demand the similar relation to road accident problems from them.
- One person can reform GAI?
- No. I don't reduce a role of the first person of department, but also I don't exaggerate. Especially now, when ministers change in the country quicker, than inspectors at your intersection.


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