The Nikolaev businessman can leave without gas a 144-room high-rise building on Mira Avenue

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The Nikolaev business owner Andrey of the Zavalko, decided to expand the little shop located on the first floor of the house No. 42 on Mira Avenue, without any allowing documents and coordination started extension construction from an end face of the same house. (A few years ago the Zavalko redeemed the apartment on the first floor of this house and I reconstructed it under shop).

Not only that by means of various "maneuvers" in the course of construction under a saw two trees were started up, capital construction developed simply on the sidewalk, so in "prison cell" there was the gas-distributing crane located in an end face of the house. And after all via this crane supply of gas on all 144-apartment house is carried out. As the businessman could go to such worst violation of the rules of safety - it isn't known, but the fact, as they say, it is available.

Last night the residents which have sounded the alarm managed to achieve a suspension of works, but today since morning everything repeated at first: the construction crew, indifferently, continued to put up an extension wall, and "meant" all requirements of residents. "All questions - to the owner", - so answered people the employed workers.

To stop a lawlessness, inhabitants of the house asked for the help the adviser to the mayor Anatoly Pyatak and the deputy of city council Galina Yaroshenko.

However with their emergence on object so anything also didn't change: workers continued the work, and in addition - argued with representatives of local governments and residents. Probably not only in order that "to develop solution" but also because as one of inhabitants shared, she heard that the owner it seems as promised to guys to pay three times more if those the accelerated rates finish extension construction.

- Zavalko has no permissions for construction of this extension, - I everything found out it.Besides, still on October 3 the operational service of underground gas pipelines and GRP issued it the prevention of the termination of any construction works, residents of the house wrote complaints to all instances, up to prosecutor's office. But we see that we see, - the deputy of the City Council commented.

The adviser to the mayor in the statement was sharper:

- It is a complete outrage, I emphasize, - a complete outrage! And therefore there are no guarantees that at us that occurred in Dnepropetrovsk when from - for leakages of gas the house blew up won't repeat! I call such businessmen "small shopkeepers" because they don't love the city, they love only the interests and protect only itself more to grab!

Anatoly Pyatak added that about "feats" of the businessman of Zavalko it has already heard a lot repeatedly, but this case - outstanding. According to the Five-copeck coin, in "Oblgaz" to it reported that the businessman ignored their instructions, and in order to avoid the tragedy anything else doesn't remain to them how to block supply of gas to all house!

Eventually, Galina Yaroshenko managed to call the customer of construction and to warn him about responsibility for the events. I reminded it of it and the adviser to the mayor, and also the district police officer who has approached soon of the Lenin District Department of Internal Affairs.

Whether the Zavalko will react to all preventions of the authorities and services properly - a question while remains open. And inhabitants all as wait for the effective help from the city power. Whether will wait?


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