Lutsenko's group won't go to elections with "our Ukraine"

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"National self-defense" won't participate in early elections as a part of the "Our Ukraine — National Self-defense" block.

It was declared by the member of deputy group "National Self-defense" Taras Stetskiv, reports "Interfax - Ukraine".

"The block broke up upon. The "Our Ukraine — National Self-defense" block doesn't exist any more", - he told.

According to the deputy, this block broke up to approximately equal parts. One part includes political groups of parties "Our Ukraine", "Uniform Center" and the Ukrainian people's party.

He also expressed opinion that, most likely, these political forces remain near the president Victor Yushchenko, and will format any configuration of an electoral bloc.

By words Stetskiva, WELL block rest - The NANOSECOND will be defined "in other party".

"We yet didn't discuss possible options what will be a participation format "National self-defense", - told Stetskiv.

"Most likely that it will be any form of association democratic and the gosudarstvennicheskikikh of forces round Yulia Timoshenko because now I don't see another", - he added.

At the same time the deputy noted that there are options of creation and the third force.

"It is the extremely irresponsible step in relation to the Ukrainian state", - he told, making comments on the decree about carrying out early elections. In his opinion, Yushchenko's such step "I deleted myself from the Ukrainian policy".

Стецькив noted that it isn't necessary to appeal against the decree of the president about carrying out early elections as it will be "a weakness sign".

"If we have one irresponsible person who threw the country for the second time in the last two years in chaos and a disorder, it needs to be passed and passed is consolidated", - he told.

According to the deputy, presidential election in Ukraine will take place, however they will take place "without Victor Yushchenko".


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