Medicine for фармфабрики

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On a bad twist of fate just on the eve of the professional holiday - Day of the druggist - about 20 employees of the Nikolaev pharmaceutical factory were compelled to become in picket before regional administration. Situation in which there was an enterprise compelled to venture such form of a protest them. As we already reported, the Nikolaev pharmaceutical factory half a year ago working quite successfully, now is on the verge of a full stop. To RESCUE it is IMPOSSIBLE to SELL regional council at the end of March I passed the decision on enterprise privatization, despite that at that time the factory was one of leading producers of pharmaceutical production in the region, - it is spoken in the address which the working enterprises addressed to people's deputies. Production of factory has real, instead of inflated prices thanks to what is in demand for the population. Before session decision-making the enterprise issued 25 names of medicinal forms. After announcement of the decision on privatization economic activity sharply fell: release of alcohol-containing production due to the lack of finance for alcohol purchase stopped, the range decreased to 10 names. The factory lost profit. From six major wholesale companies - buyers there were only two. All this led to failures in factory work. In every month full idle times were from 3 to 10 days. The collective lost special power supply, people didn't receive neither holiday, nor improving. The salary, and without that scanty - about 600 UAH - is paid with delays, small by installments. During 2007 the management of factory was replaced three times, and each director promised to lift production. During expectation of the decision on the destiny the enterprise from the profitable turned into the unprofitable. CHAIR In "the HUT WITH EDGE" Participants of picket accused of incompetence of the present director of factory Pavel KRAVCHENKO. "The enterprise the administrative person, instead of the production worker directs. Here the person knowing technological process" is necessary, - one of workers told. Another added: "When the regional administration puts the head on the enterprise, it has to control that this head does, not to neglect process".Many spoke about direct inaction of the head in such critical time for the enterprise, about Pavel Kravchenko's rough disrespectful attitude towards workers. "The administration doesn't inform workers on a condition of factory. Anybody knows nothing. The director never will appear, never will greet. To us speak: you without education, sit and you are silent. The management has to bear responsibility for workers, provide us with work and a salary. Heads forget that we have families which need to live, instead of to survive. We at present survive". The director of pharmaceutical factory Pavel KRAVCHENKO assured of interview to the correspondent of the Nash Gorod newspaper that all payments at the enterprise happen in time, and debts on a salary aren't present. As for a production activity, it is sure that money for purchase of ware and raw materials will be, in any way without concretizing this statement. Pavel Kravchenko ingenuously answered a question as privatization moves ahead: "I don't know. The investor is necessary. The owner - regional public administration - is engaged in his search, but is or not applicants, I don't know. Now, it seems, the question of privatization is removed that further - it isn't known. Go to administration and ask there. Deputies don't inform me that are going to do! ". Business at all in that, is informed on it by deputies or not, and in that indifference which appears in Pavel Kravchenko's each word, so far as concerns destiny of the enterprise entrusted it. It simply has no answers to logical and direct questions: "Why position in factory worsened during its management? ", "That it made to leave crisis? ". It suggests an idea that similar "activity" of the director just and was directed on full and unconditional bankruptcy of factory. Especially as the decision on privatization was accompanied by specification: without preservation of a profile of the enterprise. Such conditions of privatization opened full freedom for actions of the owner.
In a regional state administration lobby the bank which had to get so delicious place in the downtown already was called. But the course of events which is skillfully directed by the head of the regional state administration on destruction of factory, suddenly slowed down.
At session of regional council deputies made the decision on removal from privatization of this distressful enterprise. Any discussion to it didn't precede: as always, everything occurred silently - agrees. It seems, this question interested only two people's deputies from 120 deputies.Except Svetlana FEDOROVA, the only consecutive defender фармфабрики in a depuy corps, I expressed also Igor OVDIYENKO: "The factory can't be certainly unprofitable and can't be closed. People suffer, the labor collective was cut by half lately. We have to answer something to workers".

Alexey Garkusha concerned destiny фармфабрики casually. Just now, it appears, remembered that the building of factory belongs to a cultural heritage, and still is property of all regional bulk (!). That the duty of providing isn't assigned to administration "by brilliant green" was told also, and here rent cost in this central region of the city is much higher, than profit on the enterprise.

Svetlana Fedorova noticed that it is a question at all of the building, and of destiny socially significant for the population of area of the enterprise that, of course, absolutely different concepts.

But the governor persistently repeats about unprofitability фармфабрики and that management has to think of enterprise preservation "". Having forgotten, probably, that Pavel Kravchenko is appointed to a position of the director of the administration order and who as not her head has to control work and recovery from the crisis searches? However Alexey Garkusha is sure that the administration isn't obliged to help the enterprise absolutely not.

Now, when deputies decided not" to privatize factory and returned it to municipal property, other decision is necessary. According to Alexey Garkusha, the analysis of overall performance will be made, and then "or there will be personnel changes, or - elimination".

Meanwhile the deputy of regional council Svetlana Fedorova is sincerely sure that the factory still can be rescued, "differently wouldn't deal with this issue for one and a half years". During this time there was no real buyer, and from administration doesn't arrive any offers. It seems that search of the investor there it is serious anybody and I wasn't engaged.
Having returned the enterprise to municipal property, obviously, not to avoid that it will be necessary to look for means for repayment of those debts which collected lately, to pay to workers all debts. Probably, to find ways of receiving the credit.


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