In Nikolayevshchina the enterprises of restaurant service fed visitors with overdue products

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In the third quarter of the current year the Nikolaev regional management for protection of the rights of consumers checked 40 enterprises of restaurant service of different forms of ownership. In 39 from them violations of laws of Ukraine "About protection of the rights of consumers", "About safety of quality of foodstuff" were found, "Rules of trade service of the population", "Rules of work of catering establishments", - the head of department Valery Dashevsky reports.

Management checked production of own production, and also raw materials for cooking on a bag of 165,691 thousand UAH. As a result of checks it is removed from realization production and raw materials on a bag of 76,96 thousand UAH that makes 46,4%.

When checking table recreation facility "Surf" of the Berezansky region of the village. Meadow (JSC Gidrosila, Kirovograd, the director - S. I. Pokholsky), it was revealed that food are released with big underweight. For example, a cucumber fresh released with underweight in 14 grams - on 16 grams, when norm 30. In a roll "Sausage roll", discrepancy of mass of sausage to the mass of dough made 12,2 percent, saved, of course, on sausage. Mashed potatoes were prepared not according to the recipe, in it the lack of bulk additives for 12 percent was found.

At the time of check of recreation facility of "Tea" which also is in page. Meadow (FOP L.P. Kovalchuk, Kirovograd, the director - Yu. Onoychenko) the administration of recreation facility had no documents on Appetizing mayonnaise and rice polished. Specialists of management rejected and removed Bukovinsky cheese from realization. It sold to vacationers though the product was overdue.

When checking FOP snackbar G. Muradyan (пгт. Brotherly) management removed from realization a borsch Ukrainian. Its expiration date expired, but a borsch sold to the population.

As a whole management selected 81 copies of dishes, products and raw materials.From them 27 (33,3 percent) didn't conform to requirements of normative documents.


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