To the Nikolaev boxer Sergey Derevyanchenko in a national team on boxing struck below the belt

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Today, on October 13, vice-presidents of federation of boxing of the Nikolaev area and boxing Club "Nikolaev", the honored trainer of UkraineSergey Korchinskyand Honoured Master of SportsOleg Mashkin, the master of sports of the international class, the participant of the Olympic Games in BeijingSergey Derevyanchenkoand the doctor of sports medicine of the highest category, the member of NOC of Ukraine on the Nikolaev areaYury Lazarenkogave a press - conference at which told about what unsportsmanlike methods in the National team on boxing there is a selection of athletes for participation in the European championship (on November 15-24, Liverpool, Great Britain).

Actually by means of the forged diagnosis establishedS. Derevyanchenkothe doctor of a national team on boxingSergey Kolosovsky, the Nikolaev athlete is detached by the senior trainer of the national teamDmitry Sosnovskyfrom participation in the European championship, on which Withergy Derevyanchenkoit could "be rehabilitated" after unsuccessful performance at the Olympic Games in Beijing.

Sergey Korchinskyin detail I told about in what way his pupil was "eliminated". Before training collecting within preparation of a national team on boxing to the European championship Sergey Derevyanchenko passed medical examination in Nikolaev as a result of which insignificant deviations being able zheludochno - Seryozha's intestinal path were found. It as the disciplined athlete, informed the doctor of the national team of Ukraine on boxing S. Kolosovsky who after survey of the athlete complicates the diagnosis made to the boxer.

- There such diagnosis ("chronic гастродуоденит with the kept sekretorny function, an aggravation phase, a state after zheludochno - intestinal bleeding, jet pancreatitis, гепатоз" - such дигноз the doctor S. Kolosovsky put, - an editor's note) at which the person has to lie in a bed, through everyone half an hour to run in a toilet with a diarrhea of coffee color, the patient has to have vomiting and nausea. But it was nothing, - I toldS. Korchinsky.

When the athlete convinced S. Kolosovsky of need to pass repeated inspection, result even was better, than, with what the athlete arrived from Nikolaev. However doctorS. KolosovskyI didn't take it into account, and, based on recommendations of the doctor, the senior trainerD. SosnovskyI sent the "sick" athlete from training collecting home.

In an assessment of the doctorS. Kolosovskybegan to doubt both the athlete, and his trainer, and the doctor of sports medicine of the highest categoryYury Lazarenko.

Especially the doctor who is the member of NOC on the Nikolaev area, in the recent past - the doctor - the trampolining coach of a national Olympic team of Ukraine in 2000-2006, was engaged with a women's team on fencing on sabers and observes a condition of Serezhiny health for 12 years.

Therefore in specialized gastroenterologichesky office of the Kiev city hospital No. 18Sergey Derevyanchenkopasses one more inspection, and к.м.н. doctor of higher categoryS. Luchkothe diagnosis establishedS. Kolosovsky, doesn't confirm and recognizes Sergey "almost healthy" ("chronic гатрит in a remission stage", i.e. rest that doesn't exclude neither physical activities, nor participation in competitions).

- State after zheludochno - intestinal bleeding, jet pancreatitis, гепатоз are all diagnoses, which doctor (S. Kolosovsky - an editor's note) I put unreasonably. Any objective, paraclinical the adnnykh for drawing of this diagnosis isn't present. Objective data of vrechy city hospital No. 4 of Nikolaev where Sergey was initially surveyed, objective and paraclinical data of the Kiev city hospital No. 18, data of profound surveys in Nikolaevsk regional vrachebno - a sports clinic don't confirm S. Kolosovsky's diagnoses. Thus, I have the full right to tell that doctor S.Kolosovsky forged the diagnosis, I don't know, for what reasons, complicated the diagnosis which is available for Sergey (superficial gastritis - an editor's note) - I toldYu.Lazarenko.

After obtaining the conclusion of the gastroenterologist of the Kiev city hospital No. 18S. Luchkothe athlete addresses in the Ukrainian center of sports medicine where gets permission to participation in uchebno - training process and directly competitions.

Pleased the athlete and his trainer, "having armed" with references and the conclusions of doctors, go to Alushta where pass collecting, and phone to the senior trainer of the national team Dmitry Sosnovsky that Seryozha is healthy, and in reply hear: "In that case you should take part in a control sparring which will take place on October 15".

- At this stage carrying out such fight is inadmissible both for one athlete, and for the second. Both participants of this sparring would do harm to the sportswear and health, - so commented on refusal of a sparring the trainer DerevyanchenkoSergey Korchinsky.

Also I added that after refusal heads of the national team "remembered" about "bad" health of the athlete and sent it home.

- Taking into account that at Sergey the housing issue (he lives in a hostel) still isn't resolved, successful performance in the European championship could promote the solution of this question and it always concerns material resources спорсмена. But thus it was put both moral, and material damage, - S. Korchinsky told.

The honored trainer of Ukraine S. Korchinsky considers that Sergey was one of applicants for a victory in the European championship, and it eliminated.

- We insist on the principles of sports selection. If Sergey concedes in a control sparring - let the stronger go on the championship. But bothered to be engaged in these games to us already - this company (the trainer D. Sosnovsky and the doctor S. Kolosovsky - an editor's note) to us I did much harm and during preparation for the Olympic Games enough, and now tries to throw a monkey-wrench into the works. Such untalented starshegno the trainer as Dmitry Sosnovsky, in team yet wasn't. Being covered with Vasily Lomachenko's outstanding result at the Olympic Games to which it has indirect relation. Dmitry Sosnovsky turned the national team into Sosnovsky and To private enterprise, - declaredS. Korchinsky.

The trainer added that his pupil after such relation in seriousness reflects on transition to professional boxing as it made Sillakh and Eyes.

S. Korchinsky understands that there is a need of an appeal to the court as it is illegal actions and "such people should be put on a place and to call for responsibility". "It is necessary to make disinfection in sports society", - Sergey Korchinsky who already prepares now documents for submission of the complaint and in the Ministry of affairs of a family, youth and sports, and also in NOC of Ukraine considers. Besides, information on the doctor of the Village of Kolosovsk will be submitted and to EABA which member he is.

Such situation for Sergey Derevyanchenko - the first in his career, feels it inconveniently (though to admit what on the account wouldn't be a similar situation, anyway it is unpleasant).

But the athlete who agreed to publication of medical diagnoses, is ready to take part in a sparring if the doctor and the trainer resolves.


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