In nine months of this year the Nikolaev staff of GAI caught more than 16 thousand drunk drivers

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So, since the beginning of 2008 and till today in Nikolaev and area it was made by 3461 road accidents in which 152 people died and 948 - I suffered though in comparison with last year their quantity insignificantly decreased by 53 cases, also decreased and the number of dead and injured on an indicator after all was made by it 203 and 1440 respectively. About it reports a press - State traffic inspectorate service in the Nikolaev area.

And not to allow further such tragic situations employees of the State traffic inspectorate since the beginning of year recorded 276 thousand 816 violations of the rules of traffic, from them 16 thousand 333 people operated the vehicle in an alcohol intoxication, 65 thousand 276 drivers rushed "like mad" at a speed exceeding admissible, is documented 46 thousand 922 facts of violations of the rules of overtaking, 9 thousand 337 facts of creation of an emergency, 42 thousand 696 facts of violation of the rules of journey of intersections, 1587 facts of violation of the rules of journey of railway crossings and 13 thousand 291 cars stood or did a stop in unforeseen for this purpose a place.

But not always the inspector Gosavtoinspektsii can appear nearby to stop violation and by that to prevent road accident. And making comments on a course of investigation of resonant road accidents with serious consequences, the Minister of Internal Affairs Yury Lutsenko told that the militia will take all measures given by it by the legislation, what responsible for road accident, without paying attention to ranks, posts and communications incurred deserved punishment.

The state traffic inspectorate of the Nikolaev area addresses to participants of traffic. Remember! On your behavior on the road depends not only your life, and life and health of other people.


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