My personal small holiday

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When stories draft
whistles heart-to-heart and to powers,
one - creeps in a hole a slug,
another - is blown up by a boa.

Igor Guberman

Attack of Japan to the USA during World War II (bombing of the American fleet in Pearl Harbor). Birthday of your obedient servant. Snap elections in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. What the general between these, apparently, incompatible things?

Date. Only date - on December 7. I am sincerely sorry that my personal small holiday will be spoiled by this muck, under the name "parliamentary elections". But I will surely go to the polling station. I will surely vote. For whom? I don't know. Probably, against all. Yet I don't know.

But I know absolutely precisely that for that year that was allocated for parliament for productive work for the benefit of citizens of Ukraine, so, and for my benefit, welfare of my family decreased many times, despite of bravura statistics of the end of summer of this year. It decreased owing to a rise in prices for food. Growth of tariffs for utilities.

Fare increases in transport of all types. The currency fever proceeding and to this day. Unclear and illogical policy of National Bank of Ukraine which has waited while people in a panic will remove from deposits of 3 billion hryvnias, and then the population which have frozen deposits till the best times, and forbidden to commercial banks to give out the consumer credits to the population.

I any more don't tell about moral health. Who to me will compensate all this? And than it it is possible to compensate if, owing to political orgy in the country, the main thing - the remains of belief of people in the illusive future is lost?

All chatter of politicians of all levels about observance or non-compliance with the Constitution has under itself nothing in common with reality because anybody never in this country, generally - that, didn't observe the Basic Law of Ukraine.

Especially, when it concerns the rights of that part of citizens which makes more than 99% of all population of the country. Less than one percent of the citizens making so-called "untouchables" on a trifle, called by the rights of citizens, don't pay special attention, it is in the order of things."Less than one percent" are anxious only with the rights, that is that part of powers of authority round which there is a war as it seems to them, among themselves, and actually against own people.

And what my President who the guarantor Konstitutsii, with all this does? And my President as for New Year's holidays, in in advance written down speech, dismisses the Verkhovna Rada, having departed previously to Italy. That is, what turns out? All these negotiations between yesterday's koalitsiant about creation of the new coalition were in advance doomed?

It turns out - yes. Otherwise, what sense was to the Guarantor to write down the speech about dissolution in advance? And, if who remembers, presidential спитч was begun by words: "Dear Ukrainsky the people, dear compatriots, I will speak simply and frankly", and, nevertheless was covered with a heap of allegories and speech turns: "… dismantle of the Ukrainian values", "… the nail which is consciously hammered into our body …", "spineless scenarios" and so forth.

Would tell simply - I signed the Decree about parliament dissolution. And all. And after all I didn't tell. It then to us started explaining this speech. It then the Decree published in official publications at number 911 (in the USA it is phone number on which cause rescue service, т.н "disturbing number", - a bus comment). It the confusion with vessels - a gossip concerning parliament dissolution began then. It became clear then that BYUT against early elections "now", and a year ago I was very much even pro.

It became clear then that the government doesn't want to allocate money from reserve fund for elections. In any case, to us so speak in the TV. And still to us in the TV say that here supposedly the National Security and Defense Council gathered to discuss a difficult economic situation in the country, and as a result obliged the government to allocate money for election campaign. It that, will improve a situation in the country? I mean possible elections.

What will change personally at me, as well as at million other Ukrainian citizens? Money becomes more? Health will improve? Maybe products become more naturally and more safely? The youth becomes more spiritually, will cease to talk a mat and to drink a poisonous slaboalkogolka? Gas will fall in price? What will change if changes nothing? A year ago there was the same situation, here only traitors were others, therefore, and priorities. But the result was the same that is predicted and this time.

So why, I wonder for the 100-th time, the people who are as though in another dimension, these "untouchables", try to spoil to me my personal small holiday? To me guests will come, and we will be, having accepted "on hundred", to find out who for whom voted who from us the fool, we will squabble, at me at all will deteriorate mood. Reptiles … The devil, I will vote against all! They went …

And on the other hand, elections always bring to many people, let small, let not absolutely justly earned, but, nevertheless money which these people will incur in shops and on the markets, in hospitals and courts. A little bit the economy will quicken. Maybe to us, newsdealers, something will come, and we will write something good. Can be …


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