Nikolay Kruglov: "All of us time wait for any mucks"

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Due to the latest political events in the country we continue to be interested at deputies of different levels in estimates and the forecasts connected with early parliamentary elections. This and other questions were answered by the People's Deputy, the head of the Nikolaev regional organization of Party of Regions Nikolay Kruglov.

- Nikolay Petrovich, in connection with Taras Chernovol's last statements, the first question: what occurs in Party of Regions?

- I treat Chernovol absolutely quietly. Chernovol the journalist, and each journalist considers himself as the personality. And, in my opinion, it in party this calling interested: to be aware of affairs, to feel involved, to shine a course of events, and - owing to related communications with certainly strong personality. Chernovol - the honored father, from it anywhere you won't get to, I knew it, and it really was the personality. Taras everything is the personality less. He isn't a leader. Not leader of political force. And in it difference, and in it an explanation of steps which it takes. He will mobilize itself(himself), itself weakens, itself makes decisions. Whether leaves, whether comes... It didn't "plough" in party. One business to be where - that nearby near the leader during one period, to be "the person approached to the emperor", and proceeding from it to treat, maybe, the status a little wrongly. The party is a serious organism, and it so till the end and didn't understand it. I would suggest it to arrive to us - to our regional Communist Party organization. Here not thought up 26 thousand people, it is really real-life organization, and he as the journalist, got used to give the assessment, but a real situation in party it doesn't know. The party brought tens of thousands of deputies into local councils. After all it too party merit, merit of leaders. And this political force, these people, work, solve social problems. And to say that the party isn't present that in party split... It at all malchishestvo, this misunderstanding of that such party.

- To the first crisis in Party of Regions was declared by Bogatyreva...

- And what, Bogatyreva in party worked?

- But it stood at the origins of a party creation as she claims.

- I always spoke: to become the prime minister, it is necessary попахать in the region. To become the party leader, it is necessary попахать in the party organization, heading it. To understand that this such. Here it is necessary to study and democracies, and to restrain the ardor. After all for anybody not a secret that Ukraine endures the most difficult, especially for five last years, economic and political processes. There is a situation foreign policy and internal political. And in decision-making здесьучаствуют units. We perfectly understand that in discussion of questions, thousands and tens of thousands of persons, etc. can participate in promotion of theories, but decisions are made by units. And negotiations take place behind closed doors. For example, negotiations between "orange"...

- There all - is more than openness, than in Party of Regions.

- And the matter is that there are negotiation processes with opposite political forces. After all all of us in total want that in society there was an association - both the people, and the power as a result to come to stability. Kuchma managed it within other constitution. Within other mechanisms of activization of political forces, other roles of political parties. There was no rigid concept "coalition". There was the only guarantor, and he really guaranteed everything. Yes, speak, Kuchma's era ended. It really ended, but then, at peak of this era we really had stability. Then entering of changes into the Constitution we created other game field - both for politicians, and for the power is perfect. Today obligatory attribute - the coalition. 225-226 voices aren't enough to adopt laws. How to work in these circumstances? Then different political forces try to agree, taking into account all ideological and color disagreements, after all people, voters, demand coordinated actions. It affects readiness of absolutely different political forces, well, maybe, except for the extremely right, or the extremely left to look for ways for interaction, for association, for collaboration. But if at an initial stage to give wide publicity to negotiation process, media - the resource which is available for one or other party, force inside, will inevitably pervert and finally to torpedo negotiation processes.Therefore I don't doubt at all that at an initial stage negotiation process has to be closed. Until the persons making decisions, won't agree. And then - please. I want to remind: Molotov's pact - Ribentropa became property of the public decades later. It so, for an example. But thanks to this Pact the Western Ukraine was a part of Ukraine. The reserve at a certain stage of contractual processes is inevitable, but some people start perceiving it as personal offense. That here he is such great, such confidant, and it in this process don't take. Well, draw a conclusion: means, I didn't grow. After all, eventually, we have to trust leaders. Yes, leaders will report to us, but already for the done work. And Chernovol of it doesn't understand.

- Whether not too there is a lot of Chernovolu's attention?

- Yes because recently there was a tendency: one person left, and we speak - everything, the era left, split, etc.

- Yes isn't present, it is interesting to us only because after the leaving he declared: in Party of Regions there are three parts which with each other have conflicts. We it is valid, looking from outside, we see Bogatyreva's exception, we see Tabachik's public conflict - Kolesnikova that gives to us the grounds to assume existence of the conflicts which, generally - that, are inevitable in any big education of people which the party is. But absence of information on them only warms up suspicions.

- The conflict between Bogatyreva and still someone is Bogatyreva's conflict and someone else. Purely personal conflict. If you told me about the conflict in the party organization, about any solution of a Communist Party organization, it would be possible to say that inside something occurs. The conflict between certain party members isn't the party conflict. Because its background can be that has no relation neither to party, nor to its program, to anything. These are the conflicts business of interests, these are the interpersonal conflicts. In the same way I perceive Taras Chernovol's conflict - as exclusively personal conflict. Behind it there is no movement in party ranks. Yes, for it it is offensive: it was near, tea drank, coffee drank, there were once any merits, and then it was removed. But it мелковато. Today, having read the Internet, just right to take a rope and to go to be hung up, as in the period of the New Economic Policy.But in the period of the New Economic Policy the decision which really changed the public relations, the political relations, the economic relations (was madeThe New Economic Policy - new economic policy which was accepted by the Soviet government at the beginning of 20-ых years of the last century, having replaced policy of military communism. I differed liberalism and enterprise freedoms. I helped to overcome hunger and deficiency of commodity weight, - an editor's note). Then really many Party members didn't understand and didn't accept occurring processes - some were shot, some were hung up. And it is necessary to understand that occurs in the state. On - to mine, not all parties still understood it.

- Your assessment - that occurs in the state?

- In the state there is no stability. Stability in everything - in finance, in policy, stability of the power at all levels. This most terrible that doesn't suit people. We can't relax. All of us time wait for any mucks - that of Cabinet of Ministers, of the Verkhovna Rada, of the Secretariat the President, from the regional state administration, the district state administration, the director, the banker. We wait for troubles. And this effect of expectation is connected with instability.

- So what is the matter? We finished ahead of time Kuchma's era? We accepted ahead of time new electoral laws? We weren't ready to these changes, we accelerated them ahead of time?

- From my point of view, we broke the philosophical law of transition of quantity in quality. We broke it in many branches of our life. Look: we tried to keep until recently balance, we weren't got involved in the international conflicts, and we managed it. They managed to provide us at the minimum earnings of our citizens cheap food. Try now, at present destabilization of the power when one doesn't recognize another, to direct chaos.

- Early elections are a way to stability?

I think so. If we are able to explain to people that time for games ended. That it is impossible to display eggs on different baskets already, it is a way in anywhere. We have to explain that if after elections at the existing Constitution any coalition будт is less than 300 has some, stability in the state won't be. We understand it. Look: what "is" were in power that "orange", stability of the power isn't present. Restrictions which could stop any gone too far who would like to usurp the power, no.Therefore we observe attempts to usurp the power that of one, other branch of the power. There is a fight, and the people - the only source of the power as it is told in the Constitution have to reconcile all. Therefore these elections have to become indicative, a lot of things depend on them. People have to give to politicians an accurate signal, tell that they want. They have to estimate and programs which will offer them parties, and real actions of political forces. After all look as well and beautifully representatives of Tymoshenko Bloc talk the economic politics - "Break". And if really to estimate that is made by them, it without having dug, it is a failure. Because we were absolutely not ready to a world economic crisis. And stability is necessary for our economy. And stability provides continuity - the authorities, the governments. Because stability generates certain obligations. There is no stability - there is no continuity of the governments. And most important: we still didn't learn, going for election campaign, rigidly to fix that will be made. And if you didn't make that promised, that, excuse me, you shouldn't get to parliament. And at us get. Promise "Break", and then … Therefore on these elections we have to tell people: let's agree, you believe someone to one, and then check. Give the chance to work at least years five, give the chance of stability.

- You considers, it in principle is possible - to create the coalition from at least 300 voices?

- Probably.

- These are regions, communists and …

- And it will depend on with what party programs will go to elections. If it are programs without any ideological divergences why it together not to create the coalition? And our people want that so was. It is just necessary to consider that it is only the third elections on a party basis. The first time, in 2006 ohms, people missed, but responsibility - that already came. And today parties already showed who on what is capable, already all is visible. It is already possible to judge not by words. Here Tymoshenko told: stability in the country requires 5 laws - and her deputies voted for them together with Party of Regions. And in a month "отголосовали" back. I ask:and where stability? And about what trust here it is possible to speak?

- Before presidential election stability in parliament in principle is possible?

- It is possible why isn't present? It is necessary to understand that on these elections there are political forces which will propose also the candidate for president. And if political forces which will enter in парлаент, create the coalition on the principle of similitude of the programs if they are credible the work during this period, they and the president will receive. Look, as in Russia - the principle - that one: the working Cabinet of Ministers having a certain political coloring, proposed the candidate for president. And they together work because they have a uniform interest - to do that is favorable to Russia, proceeding from interests of the state. On it there was a unification. Also there is a stability, is result, and people understand that they together fulfill the obligations. And we change every year the government. These elections - chance to receive stability. For this purpose it is necessary not to be bought on slogans.

- From your point of view why BYuT tries if not to break, most to delay time of elections?

- The financial and material resource is necessary to it administrative, so. We understand everything: on key positions in the ministries certain people are placed. And it is necessary for it as it is possible to hold on more long. Being in power, it is easier to resolve many issues. After all in rural areas the administrative resource still as works. And to leave on the eve of presidential election, and it is aimed only at presidency, it isn't favorable to it.

- How you consider, early elections will take place in December or in February?
- Yes, I know that such opportunity is called also. I can't tell when they will take place. But they will take place.


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