Earth of a governor's clan

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On September 18, 2008 deputies of the New Odessa regional council unanimously took out a vote of no confidence to the acting as the chairman of regional administration Igor NIKOLAYENKO

Protege of the governor доруководился. Representatives of eight deputy fractions forgot about political disagreements and united against the general danger - the shadow market of land resources which quickened during the second coming of the present head of the regional state administration Alexey GARKUSHA.

Once Igor Nikolaevich Nikolayenko headed the regional youth organization of People's party of Litvin, now it does career and is demanded by the regional chief in executive power.

Revolt of deputies of regional council - an event historical. It has to have consequences which, probably, will be reflected in destinies of the population of all region.

On a surface

On a surface of a storm isn't present. So, small excitement, point in three - four. That the governor will give to unknown Odessa firm beaches to Koblevo, will lead "fighting" actions against the deputy Arkady KORNATSKY, and that in general from boredom will be engaged in small things: airport, pharmaceutical factory or printing house. On a surface everything is quiet, there are no events, stupid administrative routine.

"Revolt" of deputies in Nova Odesse - the first sign of growing social tension of the population which is caused by intensive formation of the black market of land resources in the ship region.

By the most careful calculations, the land turn of this market for July, 2008 made 400 thousand hectares of the farmland, according to other data - about 600 thousand. It is the whole region of the Nikolaev area.

The constitutional moratorium of communists and socialists on purchase and sale of the earth ended in 2007. The earth yet isn't full-fledged goods in Ukraine. There is no general Land registry in the country, there is no legal support of the civil transactions concerning the farmland, there is no much. However there is a political desire to put a problem in motion. Investment appeal of the Ukrainian chernozems is extremely high. On a planet it isn't enough such lands, only 12% - 14% of total area agricultural ойкумены.

Chernozems aren't restored artificially. They increase the size of the layer with a speed of 3-4 centimeters for 1000. In the Domanevsky area this layer reaches 0,9-1,1 meters, in Bratsk the area - 1 meter, in Snigirevskom - from 0,7 to 0,9 meters. Across Nikolayevshchina depth of chernozems averages about 80 centimeters. It is the gold earth. Investors are ready to pay already today for it at the world prices.

The governor knows about it. It understands agricultural management and perfectly understands that there will come time when shadow owners become legitimate participants of the market and will satisfy an excessive demand for the Ukrainian chernozems. This era has to make it

on - to the present the rich person. No provincial airports, any municipal property will give so much money, how many future operations with the earth. Experience of Baltic, Hungary, Romania and Poland testifies that great fortunes are formed on land speculation. Ukraine surely will pass this way, and Alexey Garkusha any more won't be a stranger during the holiday.

He almost became once a stranger. After "pamaranchevykh" of events the former governor remained unclaimed. Where - I taught that where - that I helped the daughter on business, I made out disability and … I was sorry. I regretted that so dullly I carried out a governorship. Richness of ship edge became for it inaccessible dream.

In the first coming it for anything wouldn't decide to appoint the son-in-law the head of administration of the area, for anything wouldn't began to lobby business of the daughter, wouldn't began to allocate with the earth of near and far relatives. Then he still was afraid of something …

Now it is impossible to be afraid. Time just barely enough. Nobody will give the third chance.

In the remote place

Ourselves thrust upon a meeting with the chairman of the New Odessa regional council of People's Deputies Alexander Mikhaylovich DELICATE. Called, agreed and arrived. The building as it is necessary, is in the center. Nearby traditional fir-trees since Bolshevist times. Ruins aren't present, but also repair too isn't present. Fragmentary linoleum, ragged stolyarka, on entrance doors the broken glass. Generally, as - that is sad. We rise by the second floor in a reception, we come into an office, we greet.

- Documents should be shown?

- If is, show. - Alexander Mikhaylovich Delikatny glanced at our editorial certificates. - I prepared all papers. Only I don't know why … It is unlikely you will publish it.It will affect the governor …

- Don't worry. The most important that it was true. Tell shortly that here at you occurred, and if it is possible, we will include a dictophone.

- Include. At us didn't occur, and constantly occurs. Here everything is reflected. - I moved to us a thick pack of documents. - In three words it sounds so: today the acting as the head of the district state administration Igor Nikolaevich Nikolayenko completely ignores Laws of Ukraine "About local government", "About local public administrations", "About a payment for the earth" and "About an earth assessment", and also Decrees of the President …

- And it is concrete?

- Specifically: article 72 of the Law of Ukraine "" says about local government that the regional public administration is accountable to regional council concerning implementation of programs socially - economic and cultural development, and also the regional budget. Point 6 of article 34-й the same law demands the annual report of the head of regional administration before council for questions of all powers delegated to it.

For all the time of the stay as Nikolayenko was present only at the XIX session of regional council, on April 9 this year. At the XX session it appeared in a hall for only some minutes, and he not only itself didn't participate in work of the last XXI session, but also forbade all the deputies and heads of structural divisions to be present at our meetings.

- With what such strain of relations is connected?

- With the total report of the chairman of control commission of our council on check of legality of orders of the regional administration concerning transfer of the land plots in rent and in property. The financial assessment of these lands was approved at regional council sessions during 2006-2007, and we wanted to hear simply the report - as Nikolayenko carries out the powers delegated to it.

- Heard?

- No. He refused to report.

- Why?

- Because well understands a real situation. The lawlessness facts which opened our commission, struck with the frank cynicism. In the area there is an open capture of the earth. It is given to functionaries from area free of charge or at a reduced interest rate for rent. We understand that Nikolayenko - Garkusha's protege, from it, so to speak, a near environment. They say that he is the godson of the governor. However, it isn't important.The main thing - in Nova Odesse he feels completely unpunished and does that it is spoken by the real owner of area. The last case with earth rejection at peasants of the village of Konstantinovka revolted all.

- What has happened?

- Konstantinovka - the small village. So it developed that it was "clamped" by lands of two Village Councils, and from the West it is propped up by the territory of military unit. Inhabitants have no place to graze the goats, cows and other living creatures. They united in Lasunya cooperative and submitted the application for branch of a small ground under a communal pasture. Got for hands permission of the head of regional administration, then began to process documents. On the project of land management they needed to collect 10 thousand hryvnias. It approximately on hundred hryvnias from the person. The sum small and in anybody I didn't cause objection. It is clear if there is no earth, you will graze a cow at home. While raised money and processed documents, passed any time. Suddenly peasants learn that Nikolayenko cancels the decision of the predecessor and gives this ground absolutely to other people. Here this document. You look, a pasture the konstantinovskikh of peasants divided into 7 sites on two hectares and transferred to the private possession to "interesting" citizens. One surname of that costs - Shapovalov Andrey Valentinovich, the head of the district state administration of the Berezansky area, the son-in-law of the governor. The second - Piyurenko Sergey Nikolaevich, too the son-in-law of the governor. The third - Banev Georgy Georgiyevich - Alexey Garkusha's last son-in-law. Everything, sons-in-law ended, the governor has only three daughters, but... Other relatives didn't end. In the same list appear: Irina Alekseevna Baneva and Valentina Petrovna Baneva. Further there are too people not strangers: Tselishchev, Shchedrov, Demchishin, Sour, Forty, Konstantinov, Ponomarenko.

Nikolayenko had no right to cancel the decision of the predecessor. Under the law such right the Verkhovna Rada, the head of the regional state administration and court possess the President of Ukraine.

The earth at the Ukrtermash enterprise which attracted to high officials from area was in the same way selected. Lease contracts of the land plots aren't signed with the enterprises "Alex — the South", "Bina LTD", "Everest Agro" and others. These lands, probably, prepare for change of the owners.

People are in an uncertain state. They can't begin business activity.There are no additional workplaces, additional receipts in the regional budget, there is no investment appeal Nova Odessy and, respectively, dynamic economic development of all territory. We silently smolder today thanks to Nikolayenko's administrative activity.

At present in the area lease contracts aren't signed with 22 subjects of business activity. In 11 cases the regional administration underestimated an interest rate of a rent. The result - receives less every month our budget of about 66 thousand hryvnias, in a year runs nearly 800 thousand. Perhaps, for someone it and the small sum, but for us it essential. Small repair of kindergartens, libraries, heating in the Village Councils - on it a lot of money isn't necessary. It is possible to speak about it infinitely. We won't take away precious time each other. Everything is reflected in documents. I to you simply already start retelling them.

We say goodbye to Alexander Mikhaylovich Delikatny and we go to Nikolaev. On the road, directly in the car, we start watching papers.

Earth of his family

We have on hands report of temporary control commission of regional council and other documents - 43 pages of the text. It is clear why deputies rose. It seems that the protege of the governor decided to leave behind a scorched earth. Ruin. Any of 6 target economic and social programs in the area isn't carried out. Roads - big grief. The route Nikolaev - the Resident of Ulyanovsk still remains to "expensive death". The chief GAI officer of the area S. I. TOROPENKO on - former is demanded by the regional chief, despite a sensational case (I hit on a face of the militiaman who tried to make the protocol during raid on check of the facts of sale of alcoholic drinks by the minor in an institution of the relative of the GAI officer). The prosecutor of the area Vasily Radionovich STOYANOV didn't find in Toropenko's actions of structure of a crime. Good roof. It is possible to live.

Hospitals, schools, libraries and the museum - a headache, a dark side of the moon. Everywhere everything falls. Militia regional department - 20 vacant places. The prestige of a profession of militiamen fell below a plinth. Everything solves Nikolayenko. It here real owner.

Diktofonny record - Alexander Delikatny's story about sad events. That in Nikolaev disappeared 15 years ago, here lives and prospers. The owner of food shop employs as little girls from the deaf village in the direction from the New Odessa center of employment. Honestly receives from the state money.In a month fabricates to the shop assistant shortage in 18 (!) thousands and forces it to fulfill for years. Resonant business. The general prosecutor of Ukraine comes to understand. How it is possible to make in a month in a small little shop such shortage?. Melancholy. Bad time in Nova Odesse.

Against the general ruin revival is observed only in movement of the land plots from one owner to another. Here the representative of the governor is active and resolute. It is difficult to stop it. Dynamics of the black market of land resources here on a surface. It is only one area. And what becomes in Bratsk the area where Alexey Garkusha's stavlennitsa Lyubov MOSKOVSHCHUK manages? And in Kazanke, Arbuzinke and Vradiyevke?. In Snigirevke?.

We won't distract. Arrived. We rise in edition, we shift tables and we display the card of the Nikolaev area. Card of operations. Here territories which the deputy governor Arkady Kornatsky in recent designated a press - conferences for journalists of Nikolaev.

Koblevsky beaches - time! The village Guerrilla the Zhovtnevy area - two! Meshkovo - Pogorelovo - three! Domanevka - four! Rybakovka - five! Stone Beam in Pervomaisk the area - six! New Odessa - seven! New Bug is farther … Scale allows to calculate the area. And it turns out. About half a million hectares of the earth in a shadow turn at a governor's family clan.

Forecasts for business

We don't know much. Journalistic investigation - business ungrateful. To the provincial newspaper such not to lift. Are necessary a lot of time and money.

The governor too knows about it and therefore is quiet. The regional prosecutor's office won't be engaged in it. The new Odessa prosecutor of STOYaNOV perfectly understands, who the owner in the area.

The governor will be the rich person, one oligarch in Ukraine becomes more. He is a person strong-willed and purposeful. And population?. The population, to Alexey Garkusha's big grief, lives on the earth. It today annoying hindrance to family business. What will be with the population? Not it is clear.

The regional territorial community is a system phenomenon. As any system, it seeks to keep the viability and to concentrate efforts in reflection of danger of death. Revolt of deputies by Nova Odessy, mass complaints of peasants to abuses of regional officials and "the Selyansky front", created at the initiative of Arkady Kornatsky, - the first signs of such self-defense.How the governor in power will long hold on? How many the earth it will be still introduced into shadow circulation? Anybody doesn't know. However the community started resisting. It gives to hope.

Sergey Ivanov


Within three days we tried to contact the acting as the head of the state administration of the New Odessa region of the Nikolaev area Igor NIKOLAYENKO that he commented on motivation of the actions concerning peasants of the village of Konstantinovka. Within three days its office number and phone of a reception were silent. It was succeeded to get its mobile number two hours ago. As soon as the temporary owner of the area heard our questions of governor's relatives - at once switched-off the mobile phone.

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