Deputies and the public as can "monitor" bodies of self-organization of the population in Nikolaev

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Today, on October 15, in Nikolaev, in the Small Hall of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies discussed a performance course "Programs of development of bodies of self-organization of the population in Nikolaev for 2007-2008" which was approved by city council in April of the past year. Representatives of bodies of self-organization of the population, deputies of city council, employees of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies and regional administrations of the city took part in action.

As the chairman of the Nikolaev office of the All-Ukrainian organization "Association of Assistance of Self-organization of the Population", the chairman of "Fund of a development of the city of Nikolaev", the deputy of the City Council Mikhail Zolotukhin noted, the program comprises essential shortcomings which threaten not only efficiency of action of the program, but also its realization as a whole threatens.

In - the first, there is a reduction of a circle of subjects of a social initiative and civil control. As activity of the program is calculated only on the bodies of self-organization of the population (BSOP) which act under the Law of Ukraine "About bodies of self-organization of the population", public organizations, initiative groups of citizens, the bodies of co-owners of apartment houses (BCOAH) are excluded from it as participants. That is, "thrown out" there was the whole layer of socially active part of the population that significantly reduces public control over activity of self-government institutions.

In - the second, powers of associations OSN and the central bodies of city self-government accurately aren't defined. The rigid chain of command disturbs self-organization of citizens for improvement of quality of life of members of the city community living in the territory of OSN.

In - the third, it isn't specified how the competitive mechanism of resource support (the social order) OSN activity for the solution of actual problems of the communities will be implemented.

In - the fourth, interaction mechanisms with investors, unclear, who and how will represent their interests aren't specified.Unclear there is also a mechanism of attraction and introduction of investments.

- At a stage of development of this program, in January, 2007, we had a number of questions to developers, - Zolotukhin told. - Developers convinced us that editings which we offered, will be considered on a course of implementation of the program... It was promised that bodies of self-organization of the population will receive, proceeding from the program, the following help. The first - the stable methodical help. The second - the help in the organization of associations of bodies of self-organization of the population. And it was supposed that it will be not public organizations, and ESTABLISHMENTS... In conditions when deputies at us are elected according to party lists, bodies of self-organization are the only legitimate representatives of quarters, streets, residential districts. - There has to be an equal partnership between bodies of self-organization of the population and a depuy corps. It is a question of creation of the real mechanism of this partnership.

Only two OSN participated in development and implementation of programs socially - economic development of residential districts is "Yalta" and "The dry fountain". Within implementation of such program, in the residential district of "Yalta" installation of telephones was carried out, reconstruction of a water supply system is carried out, support of external lighting are replaced, the children's playground is constructed, the problem of dumps is solved.

According to the deputy of the City Council Gennady Goncharovsky (Party of Regions), all bodies of self-organization of the population it is necessary to collect in uniform body that it could represent really a territorial community in authorities and resolve issues which arise on places at people.

According to the head of department of work with associations of citizens of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies Olga Skrypnikova, since 2000 in Nikolaev 20 committees of self-organization of the population are legalized. From them 11 are legalized in the last two years. To five more committees it is granted permission by city council, but they yet didn't undergo registration procedure.

- Without exception to committees letters with a request were sent all to state offers on a program occasion. But, unfortunately, today any offer from committees didn't arrive.

It was noted that consultations regarding law enforcement in the course of creation and further functioning of OSN are provided to representatives of committees. Powers are assigned to administrations of areas on legalization and preparation of meetings of OSN.For professional development of heads of OSN by management of economy and investments of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies the order of development and implementation of city target programs was prepared. For the purpose of legislation improvement concerning OSN activity by department of public relations the standard provision on bodies of self-organization of the population was developed and approved by the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies. However, at the deputies who were present on action, it caused some bewilderment as they heard about existence of the similar document for the first time. Questions sounded that it gives and why it is necessary. The textbook of methodics "How to Create Body of Self-organization of the Population" published at the expense of Fund of a development of the city of Nikolaev was developed.

- Two years work in the absence of money though money in the budget was hammered was heroically conducted. We accepted the program with financing. Usually all complain that the program without money. And here we have a unique case: the program with money (the amount of financing - 300 thousand hryvnias - a bus). The first year this money didn't acquire, and the second year we remain on the verge of not assimilation, - Mikhail Zolotukhin noted.

Olga Skrypnikova also noted that the constant commission of the City Council concerning local government, deputy activity, publicity and legality, gave an assignment to Communications Department to make changes to the decision of the City Council on the approval of this program according to which to provide continuation of period of validity of the program for 2009, and the distributor of means to provide housing and communal services Department. The decision is prepared, handed over in the office of council and now passes coordination in the commissions of city council. It will submit for session of the Nikolaev city council which will take place on October 23.

Campaign of civil lobbying "Programs of development of self-organization of the population for 2009-2011" where effective competitive mechanisms of resource support of activity of OSN and public monitoring of results of implementation of the program will be provided is provided also.


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