From - for negligence of the services which are responsible for road signs, in Nikolaev there was abnormally dangerous intersection

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Recently owners of cars are exposed to various attacks: and culture of driving of the Ukrainian motorists low, and pedestrians they don't respect, and traffic regulations don't observe owing to what accident rate across all Ukraine is a problem of nation-wide character. However in certain cases not carelessness of drivers, and a defect of services which have to ensure safety on roads becomes the reason of road accident.

So, at the end of September at Observatornaya St. and Admiral Makarov St. intersection whether hooligans, whether hunters behind metal demolished the sign "FEET". More than 2 weeks of a sign there isn't present. That is the driver, approaching to Admiral Makarov St., thinks that he drives up to the equivalent intersection, passes a hindrance on the right and goes further. At this moment the motorist has every chance to get blow in the left side because actually it left on the main. On the other hand on Observatornoy St. the sign "FEET" is, but according to traffic regulations, it has to be with 2-x the parties.

The situation is aggravated with that near this intersection there are the objects demanding special attention of drivers - school No. 22 and 4-I am city hospital. On this site earlier repeatedly there were road accidents. However from - for negligence of the services which are responsible for installation of road signs, number of accidents can significantly increase.


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