Nardep Zabzalyuk is surprised that the mayor of Nikolaev has legal proceedings with the Verkhovna Rada

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On a site of the Nikolaev regional party organization interview to the People's Deputy of Ukraine Roman Zabzalyuk was published. In it Roman Emelyanovich commented on the latest events connected with dissolution of the Verkhovna Rada, suggested how they will be reflected in inhabitants of the Nikolaev area, and also told about the scandal connected with the claim of Vladimir Chaika against the People's Deputy Roman Zabzalyuk. We give a fragment from interview:

- I can't but ask about Vladimir Chaika's claim against the novel of Zabzalyuk which is considered in Pechersky court of Kiev. Whether there were you there at least once?

- There were our representatives.

- What means "ours"? After all the claim is directed against you?

- Yes, really there is a claim of the mayor of Nikolaev against the People's Deputy Roman Zabzalyuk. However actually situation cardinally another. Vladimir Dmitriyevich tries to appeal against the decision 167 - ми People's Deputies, including Committee of the Verkhovna Rada on fight against organized crime and corruption. This body supported the resolution on creation of temporary commission of inquiry.

- But after all you … were the initiator of this resolution.

- Yes, but after all not personally Zabzalyuk voted, and 167 People's Deputies of Ukraine who made the decision at session. Thus, there was a precedent: the mayor has legal proceedings with the Verkhovna Rada and committee of the Verkhovna Rada that us strongly surprised.

- So and what court?

- Court sessions are constantly transferred.

- The resolution on creation of the investigative parliamentary commission on investigation of activity of the mayor of Nikolaev adopted only in the first reading. Why, and what then status of this commission?

- You know, during what period these decisions were made - when there was an apogee of opposition in the Verkhovna Rada. 4 of 11-ти the created investigative temporary commissions were проголосованы in the first reading.It became a legal collision as according to regulations 150 voices that the commission began the work there are enough. As a result of legal consultations the commission began the preparatory work. Today the deputies elected in structure of the commission, study materials, the group of lawyers continues to process replies of public institutions where the corresponding inquiries go.

- Now Rada is dismissed, leaves, as the commission is finished?

- No, these materials will be considered and in new structure of parliament.

- That is the parliament of the 7th convocation will continue to be engaged in it?

- Provided that elections will take place - certainly. I want to emphasize that our position excludes any bias concerning the identity of the mayor as that. If deputies - members of the commission see shouting violations, TSK will bring the matter to the logical end. But if the found violations are eliminated (that, objectively speaking, takes place), we won't insist on radical conclusions.

- Means, can happen so, what while the parliamentary commission will understand, also the subject of trial slowly will disappear?

- I don't agree. It should be noted that, in view of a number of replies to the requests which we sent to public authorities on the basis of statements and complaints of citizens, the part from them didn't find confirmation, and the part was confirmed. To be fair it is worth recognizing that those facts which were confirmed, are partially eliminated. However to draw final conclusions still early. I want to emphasize once again: we never had the purposes to oust this or that person of the mayor. But to exercise control of activity of local government about what it is stated in the legislation, it is necessary, thereby resolving controversial issues in favor of a bulk are we did and we will do.


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