Deputy of the Nikolaev mayor Yu. Granaturov: "To the earth it is possible to dig much that. If to try"

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On today's presentation of competition of grant projects for associations of citizens the Deputy Nikolaev mayor Yury Granaturov gave the answer to those who shows discontent with bad quality of a covering Soviet and an unsatisfactory condition of the Nikolaev roads.

- Today we have mechanical engineering city, the city of nonferrous metallurgy, the city of the food industry. Well, cool city!. It changed very seriously - on many positions.

Yury Granaturov remembered how recently repaired Sovetskaya Street and what "gnash" it was necessary to have heard plenty about it from opponents and ill-wishers.

- Развопились here to incredibility. Almost crime. "Why to do Soviet when it is necessary there, in other place to do". And there it is necessary, and there it is necessary. And here all - the main street, of one and a half kilometers, width only the carriageway of 18 meters which was uniform such foot in the Soviet Union and remained uniform. The card on which all city happens... And here - "it isn't necessary to do". How it isn't necessary? It is necessary. And it is expensive, and the best equipment. Well, we took and made. What, badly? Roads too should be done, I don't argue. But 1 million 800 thousand hryvnias from which 1 million 200 thousand are costed by asphalt - would seem, the decent sum, and it for the city - a fuzz. We for this money essentially and significantly with roads wouldn't solve anything. Well, slice there, slice there. The hole will be more or less. Unless it changes a situation? And Soviet already made for decades. We since 1976 didn't asphalt it.

The speech about need of repair of sidewalks came. However the vice-the mayor assured: there is a Sidewalk program, and next year the city authorities will intensively be engaged in reconstruction of sidewalks.

- The downtown at us in the majority the private. I mean low building. And, to a great regret, since the Soviet Union everyone who brought communications, afforded рубать this asphalt. You pass on any private sector - everything is grubbed up. There pipe, here pipe...Therefore today practically all of them already with communication, in principle, it would be possible to asphalt already.

Yury Granaturov began to disprove charges of opponents concerning participation of the city power to that in the city is a lot of the dug-over streets and sidewalks. According to him, it is necessary to ask the management absolutely other structure called by combined heat and power plant.

- At the last hardware meeting already we ask a question about an old kind habit to the director of combined heat and power plant: "Well, same year you Moscow won't dig? ". He gets up and speaks: "We will be! ". The laughter of 120 people was distributed. Understand: this economy and TETs Route, state joint-stock enterprise. It has no economic relation to the city. Not we dig. It they give heat, take for it money - sell the services. We with Vladimir Dmitriyevich told: "Transfer to us this route to fixed assets (all Moscow). We its time will make, and on that we will finish". We so made down the street Dzerzhinsky, where a bazarchik more - less decent. There dug each God's year. We spat, allocated money, bought a special technological pipe which is in a corrugated pipe, once made - and six years there are no problems. We will make and here. And they don't want.

Yury Isayevich hinted gesture at money.

- To the earth it is possible to dig much that. If to try...


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