Deputies of the Nikolaev city council possess 5 advertizing companies

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- It doesn't seem to you, what the city is oversaturated by outdoor advertizing? - asked today the deputy of the mayor Yury Granaturov on presentation of grant projects.

- It seems, - Yury Granaturov answered. Then I corrected: - It doesn't seem to me, I precisely know. It isn't oversaturated, it is disproportionate is distributed and not where it is necessary. And it not only advertizing, but also all the rest. It is trouble not only our city and not only all Ukraine, and all former Soviet Union where explosion of development of business goes from desire to capture on what it is possible to earn a piece of bread. And today it everything cynically occurs. And people, in principle, doesn't excite, to them all the same: "And what the such? If I here don't thrust illegally, another here will put tomorrow".

Yury Granaturov informed that today in Nikolaev there are 300-400 illegal billboards.

- They so, "semi-lawful". Whether all they such ugly, of course, not all. Any of them - I think, the most part - should be legalized, torn off from them at least semi-annual advertizing collecting which they have to in the city budget, and to leave them. Where they at all don't correspond to appearance, especially, traffic safety, it is necessary to bear them.

The deputy mayor assures that came it is time to get rid of the obsolete advertizing constructions established still on city streets, and in large quantities to be engaged in their replacement by more modern advertizing designs - "easy, modern, esthetic".

Also he reported that five advertizing companies functioning in the territory of Nikolaev, deputies of city council fill.


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