In Nikolaev new construction war

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On October 14 at the house No. 51 on st. on March 8 in the city of Nikolaev the team of workers demolished a playground. This platform stood many years in the house adjoining territory of the house. But the solution of session of city council No. 1446, of September 14, 2007 this site was allocated to the business owner Sergey Stanishevsky under installation of trade pavilion.

There is a question, and whether someone from deputies which submitted for session a question of adoption of such decision on this place left? After all on 60 meters square taken away under construction since 1983 the playground No. 51 was at home.

- In the first day when only everything began, I began to say to the businessman that he was going to build on the territory of inhabitants of the house without their permission. After all no public hearings existed, people didn't vote for construction. Then he answered me that will buy us a new playground and will put it there where we will tell and what be, and firm. In general it isn't obliged to do it because it has all construction licenses and the earth it is city, instead of ours, - tells the inhabitant of the house Anna Prokapalo.

What to put a new platform for children, at this house still it is necessary to find a place, and it there simply isn't present. Inhabitants have no yard, the house was built in 1983, as a hostel. Behind the house there are garages, and the inhabitant the territory near a building facade which they all life improve belongs only. Their efforts got trees, beds with flowers are created. Or the businessman will suggest people to offer it for the sake of happiness of children?

- Till October 14 in the protected territory, there was swing, there was a sandbox, children played. In our house the youth lives alone, in each apartment (them in the house of 104 buses), on one two children. Where now to children to walk? - inhabitant Svetlana Protsyuk is set.

As for many it isn't clear as indoors of 60 meters square will sell household appliances. And here for the next slot machine hall - just right.

People asked for the help in public organization "Our City", wrote applications in regional and city administrations. Now on a place watch is organized. Inhabitants of the house intend without solution of public hearings not to give the playground territory for construction.


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