The Central Election Commission yet doesn't know when there will be elections

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In Central Election Commission as of 10:00 Saturdays didn't arrive definition of the Central district administrative court about cancellation of definition district админсуда Kiev by which it is suspended the decree of the president about snap parliamentary elections.

The member of the Central Election Commission Mikhail Okhendovsky reported about it.

"At 11 o'clock the meeting of members of the commission is appointed - then we will receive information on the last documents which arrived, and we will be defined how we work further", - the representative of the Central Election Commission reported.

Okhendovsky also noted that today the Central Election Commission has only that information on this resolution Central district админсуда which is published on the official website of the president, and also messages in mass media.

"Official documents on the basis of which the Central Election Commission could make these or those decisions, to us didn't arrive yet", - the member of the commission emphasized.

In turn, answering a question, whether definition Central district админсуда Kiev if on it there is no press will be valid, Okhendovsky answered: "We will be defined at meeting with the code of administrative legal proceedings".

As it is reported, according to Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc, the press new created Central district админсуда Kiev isn't made yet.

According to the representative of BYuT, such seals are produced by management of an authorization system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

We will remind, on October 13 Yushchenko the decree liquidated District админсуд Kiev, and since October 14 formed Central district админсуд Kiev in number of 37 judges and Left-bank district админсуд Kiev in number of 22 judges. Next day BYuT declared that Kiev regional админсуд stopped action of this decree of the president. However, on October 15 Yushchenko's Secretariat made the appeal complaint to this decision.

Earlier the head of the Supreme Court of Ukraine addressed to the president with the letter on need of cancellation of the Decree by which it was liquidated District админсуд Kiev and are created Central and Left-bank district админсуды.

Till October 17 case on the appeal of the Decree No. 9 11 was considered by only Administrative appellate court. But, this morning the given court again decided to transfer meeting that caused discontent from the Secretariat of the president - the chief representative Yushchenko in vessels accused BYuT of aspiration to break holding snap elections.

We will remind, yesterday, on October 17, the president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko repeatedly liquidated District administrative court of Kiev and created two new courts. One of them cancelled the resolution on a suspension of action of the decree on re-elections.

As it was reported, in Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc consider creation Central district админсуда illegal and don't recognize its decision on renewal of action of the decree of the president on early elections.


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