The mayor Chaika played soccer with the governor Garkusha. We have a draw!

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Today, on September 18, after a ceremonial opening of a new soccer field at the Central city stadium the trainer of DYuSSh of FC "Nikolaev" Ruslan Zabransky handed over to the mayor of Nikolaev Vladimir Chaika and the governor of the Nikolaev area Alexey Garkushe on a jumpsuit.

The mayor and the governor thanked Ruslan Zabransky for the received jumpsuits, but it is so simple to get off with him it wasn't possible. All present started asking them to hold among themselves small football competition. To Vladimir Chaika and Alexey Garkushe of anything else didn't remain how to agree to punch a penalty on gate, to protect which put Nikolay Eropunov, the chairman of federation of soccer in the Nikolaev area.

The first the Nikolaev governor kicked the ball. From the third attempt Alexey Garkushe managed to get to gate, instead of to a bar, and to score a goal. Less the Nikolaev mayor was lucky. Two times it kicked the ball, and two times the ball fell into hands to the goalkeeper then Vladimir Chaika joking complained that "Eropunov for the mayor doesn't pass, and as for the governor, so easily! ". The most interesting that after these words Vladimir Chaika managed to score a goal without problems.

Probity penalties ended in a draw, and the account and remained 1:1. Well that it is possible to tell... we have a draw!


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