The Nikolaev regionals talked about dominating ethnos and ethnic minority

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At party conference of the Nikolaev regional organization of Party of Regions of Ukraine which took place on October 18, for the invited - not members of this political force speeches of delegates of conference in which problems available in the Ukrainian state and contradictions were explained by ethnic differences of inhabitants of Hugo - the East and the West of Ukraine became unexpected.

For example, the chairman of Veselinovsky regional council and the head of a regional Communist Party organization Alexander Koval declared that the center, the East, the North and the South of Ukraine were formed in Christian Slavic culture that Brezhnev and Khrushchev were representatives East - the Ukrainian culture, "and it was correct".

"Because the southern Ukrainians, east Ukrainians were not only equal, but also dominating ethnos in the Soviet Union. Absolutely other situation developed in Galichina.

Everything that was allowed to them is to graze hares for the Polish and Austrian sirs.

Therefore today when they became the actual owners in Ukraine, they don't want to build Ukraine, they want to revenge for hundreds years of drudgeries, offenses and rage", - the regional head of Party of Regions told.

The head of fraction of Party of Regions in Nikolaevsk regional council Igor Dyatlov was even more frank.

"If we incline today the head and we will be exposed to that pressure which goes from the center, everything will come to that we will become slaves, крипаками in hands меньшин which govern today us".


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