"The frost – went out, vitrenkovets – exhausted …" - the leader of Nikolaev "regionals" Nikolay Kruglov

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On today's a press - conferences journalists took an interest at Nikolay Kruglov about with what political forces the Party of Regions can build the relations and unite in parliament.

- You want that I called two possible options of succession of events, foresaw, what political forces will be able to pass? It is difficult. Today unambiguously to tell that will be so - that and so, it is impossible.

However, which - what reasons he nevertheless shared.

So, Kruglov noted that regions can speak previously about interaction with Blok Litvin:

- It has an administrative resource, especially - in rural areas, we everything perfectly understand it. Litvin's block can gather additional quantity of voices and is real remain in parliament.

Socialists? It is the political force which left from the arena and if frankly to speak, the leader from my point of view at socialists didn't remain. The frost "went out", and new updating at them didn't happen. Semenyuk - (the head of the State property fund - an editor's note) is not updating.

Communists will pass unambiguously. They will be able to increase the voices and considerably correct the positions. At many who any more doesn't trust anybody and anything, one desire - to take a stick and to beat all. Here under this psychology communists approach just. It is extreme left force. It has no nationalism, but there is a desire "to destroy to the basis, and then. " is an anthem of communists.

By the way, Kruglov and "the crown phrase" remembered Oleg Tyagnybok from "Freedom", - it, according to Nikolay Petrovich, again is actively untwisted.

- You remember? "The communist on гиляку and стриляты! "? I think, any category of people without fail will adjoin them. But to gain 3% for one at Oleg Tyagnybok it won't turn out.

Having started talking about NUNS, Kruglov noted: - "it is other right force, but the extremely nationalist. Among them there aren't enough oligarchs, but they more try to steal at the expense of the budget. Generally there is a repartition or theft of budget money therefore they and aspire to the power, to take away at least 50% of places because at top there is their representative - the president"

- Vitrenkovtsa - I think clearly - they exhausted.Well, it is impossible the same slogan constantly …

As for ETs - ("The Uniform Center"), his Nikolay Petrovich called, as well as many other politicians, to "deadborn children" it is senseless to them to count on any administrative resource which, as we know, provide in regions of the head of district administrations. Why? Because "they are taken away by other political forces. ETs have no bright leader, bright programs".

And here Yulia Timoshenko was at all called "the disturber of tranquillity" - If she receives 150 votes - everything, stability again won't be.

By the way, in the same day at PR regional organization conference Nikolay Kruglov declared that 1144 deputies of councils of all levels from Party of Regions have to become propagandists and propagandists to inform to the population one thought: on these elections votes need to be given for one political force - per lot Regions. It is necessary, according to him, in order that "regionals" could collect 301 votes and assume all completeness of the power.

On a question of how after all the Party of Regions regards the chances of a victory, at least in the Nikolaev area, the head of the PR regional organization declared:

- At me is, it is possible to tell, dog intuition, and it never brought me. While I have no doubts that our positions in the Nikolaev area will be not only are kept, - they will be strengthened. Why I so speak? Because I here worked in the best years, I well know people, people trust me, I don't say lies. In area I stole nothing, didn't privatize. Therefore it isn't a shame to me to look to people in the face.


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