At night on October 17 the part of the square of heroes - Chernobyl veterans

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Today, on October 17, in the territory of the Square of memory of heroes of Chernobyl located on Mira Avenue, there was a serious construction conflict - people, in literal sense of this word, laid down before equipment what not to allow construction. Yes it and isn't surprising! After all not every day the builders applying, for so-called house adjoining territories of nikolayevets, have enough impudence to encroach on "sacred".

About o'clock in the morning unknown persons cut down more than ten trees in close proximity to a monument to heroes - to Chernobyl veterans. Inhabitants of nearby houses told that on vandals over clothes there were orange construction vests. They answered questions of the left inhabitants that, are engaged in "elimination of leakage of gas". Thus asked people to leave the territory, as "dangerously to be on it". Having deceived, thus trustful inhabitants, vandals not only destroyed trees, but also at once rooted out the remained stubs - to hide traces of crime. And in the morning the cut-down site started fencing with a construction fence. Here everything became clear to all - next "owners of life" chose to themselves the Chernobyl square under construction. On a call of inhabitants to the place of a crying shame there arrived activists of public organization "Our City", deputies of city council Alexander Kurchenko and Lilia Lyakh, the deputy of regional council Lyubov Kobylyanskaya, the chairman of the Nikolaev regional organization "Ukraine Chernobyl Union" Rubik Simonyan. On a place it became clear that since the morning also the adviser to the Nikolaev mayor Anatoly Pyatak deals with a problem. To the place of vandalism the militia and employees of the state ecological inspectorate was caused. Arrived it is possible to find out a company name - the builder. Is called it "Ajax 2", and here persons connected with it at all were interesting: well-known "the Kuban Cossack" Denis Obolentsev together with Irina Stepanova. This couple "in the best possible way" "was already lit" on Krylov St. about what we repeatedly reported to our readers.There they, however, appeared as "Yugtekhstroy - groups". Thus, on Krylov madam Stepanova was already made by the state ecological inspection responsible for illegal demolition of green plantings.

Inhabitants of surrounding houses were revolted excessively - the square of "Chernobyl veterans" in this area is the only green zone, here go to have a rest, play with children. Staff of the Lenin District Department of Internal Affairs made the protocol, and employees of ecological inspectorate recorded the fact of destruction of trees. In addition, the construction equipment which has arrived since morning, destroyed practically all green lawn.

Business very quickly reached direct opposition: "Cossack" Obolentsev, in a manner inherent in it, declared that any trees he here never saw, and the territory, say, is at it in rent and it can do here everything that will want. People became on a way of the excavator, KAMAZ with concrete, but to "the Kuban Cossack" in Nikolaev all at all: he ordered to the driver to go directly on people, in every possible way tried to provoke a fight. From conflict transition to "a hot phase" rescued only presence of staff of the Lenin District Department of Internal Affairs which - should be paid them tribute - behaved extremely correctly, doing everything not to allow direct collision.

After the same as the situation started leaving completely from under control, and the excavator wasn't crushed nearly by the deputy Aleksandra Kurchenko, police officers suggested to hold negotiations in an office of the chief of the Lenin District Department of Internal Affairs.

Conflicting parties only dispersed in the evening. It is obvious that the conflict on it didn't end, and on Monday when about the incident ALL learn members of the Our City organization and all "Chernobyl veterans" of the city, it can have the most unexpected continuations.

… Возврающиеся in the evening home people with surprise and bewilderment considered it isn't known from where the fence which has undertaken in the fallen in love it square and were indignant everyone on - to the.


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