Nikolaev "Nasheukraintsa" against blocking with "ETs", and PR – "will force" all the deputies to become propagandists

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Election campaign started. We will remind, the President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko issued on October 9 the decree about carrying out in the country of early parliamentary elections on December 7 from - for crisis in the parliament, connected with lack of the coalition.

In all regions of Ukraine quickly pass party conferences, I didn't become an exception and the Nikolaev area.

On October 18 in Nikolaev regional conferences of Party of Regions and NSNU took place.

Party conference of the regional organization of Party of Regions took place in business - the Aleksandrovsky center. 126 delegates, and also the head of the Nikolaev regional organization, the People's Deputy Nikolay Kruglov took part in work of this conference. Also to conference there arrived guests from Kiev - People's Deputies of Ukraine Anatoly Kinakh and Vitaly Nakonechny. Among delegates the chairman of the Nikolaev regional council Tatyana Demchenko and the secretary of the Nikolaev city council Vladimir Korenyugin were noticed.

At the beginning of party conference work delegates discussed problems of PR on the next parliamentary elections.

Nikolay Kruglov declared that today all deputies of PR of all levels have to become propagandists and propagandists - they have to inform to the population one thought: on these elections votes need to be given for one political force, namely per lot regions.

It was frankly told and that it is impossible to allow that BYuT collected more than 150 votes at parliamentary elections. Otherwise again there will be an instability, unpredictability, political blackmail.

During conference delegates were elected from the Nikolaev area on congress of regions which is planned to carry out on October 24.

In the same day regional party conference "the National Union our Ukraine" took place. As venue of conference chose the assembly hall of NGGU of the Item. Graves. To conference there arrived 47 delegates.

Delegates of the Nikolaev regional conference of "National Union Our Ukraine" party spoke categorically against blocking with Uniform Center party for participation in early elections in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.Such decision was made by conference for group of delegates of NSNU from the Nikolaev area which have to inform their position at congress in Kiev.

Delegates of conference supported bringing to NSNU congress the principled stand about creation of the pre-election block, "to consider inadmissible blocking on the collective beginnings or in a personal order with Uniform Center party as the organization which artificially created crisis in NSNU and deepened general political crisis in the country".

And on October 19 party conference of the Nikolaev regional organization "Forward, Ukraine took place! ".


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