The certificate with points according to tests can be bought for $3000? !

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On the Internet it is rumored that the certificate of independent testing can be got in any printing house.

On Friday of the Ukrainian school students tested on knowledge of geography. In total examination was passed by 24254 people among whom 22,2% asked tests in Russian. Test passed quietly, without special violations and excesses. On spurs across all Ukraine "попалились" only two pupils. By Wednesday all entrants at last will receive the results on Ukrainian and literature, mathematics and history of Ukraine. Necessary for receipt in higher education institutions points are written already down in special certificates (and on each subject separate) which already started carrying on testing points. To receive it the entrant surely has to show the passport or the birth certificate.

It is POSSIBLE to BUY. Meanwhile on the Internet information that the certificate of independent testing can be bought already goes. Even exact cost - $3000 is called. In the testing center this information disprove. "If someone buys it, let will bring and will show", - tells the first deputy the Ukrainian center of testing Vadim Karandin. According to him, and it doesn't make sense to forge it, after all all estimates will be in electronic base, and higher education institutions will be able to check authenticity of the certificate and, and the document will have many steps of protection. But for owners of printing houses and agencies on sale of diplomas and term papers protection not a hindrance. "It is possible to forge everything that is made by human hands", - the owner of one of printing houses admits "Today". Pier, the main thing - to receive paper with holograms or at least to see as the certificate looks.

Meanwhile appearance of this document keeps in strict privacy. We knew that the document will remind a sheet A4 put in half. On the face the holographic sticker will be placed, and this the pupil, the subject and the received assessment inside are specified. As for protection there will be there number and a pin - a certificate code. On these figures higher educational institutions will be able to verify estimates of the entrant with electronic base. According to the ex-the Minister of Education of Ukraine Stanislav Nikolayenko, it will be impossible to change results in computers as the code from a database is known only by the minister.However, it gives the grounds for corruption in higher education institutions when such a grief - entrants can simply pay extra to a selection committee or heads of HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS that they didn't verify data.


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