Public men of Nikolaev demand to investigate the barbarous act in the square of memory of heroes of Chernobyl and to punish vandals on all severity of the law

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In the night of October 18, 2008 in Nikolaev on Mira Avenue were the part of the square of memory of heroes - Chernobyl veterans is barbarous destroyed.

About o'clock in the morning unknown persons, cut down more than two tens trees: lindens, nuts, plane trees, thujas etc. Till the dawn, with the purpose to sweep up traces of crime, were as the stubs which have remained after barbarous cutting down are rooted out. And in the morning, on the formed waste ground, there was a construction equipment, fence construction began. The equipment driving about on a site absolutely destroyed also a green lawn on the area about 3 thousand square meters.

On a call of the indignant inhabitants to the place of an act of vandalism there arrived the adviser to the mayor Anatoly Pyatak, the chairman of the Nikolaev regional organization "Ukraine Chernobyl Union" Rubik Simonyan activists of public organization "Our City", deputies of city and regional councils.

Police officers and the state ecological inspection drew up the relevant statements. It appeared that works are conducted by a certain firm "Ajax — II". It became clear as that any permissions to demolition of green plantings to this firm wasn't given. Moreover, it appeared that one of cofounders of this firm - certain madam Stepanova was already fined for illegal cutting down of trees Krylov St., 19б several months ago.

Saturday incident has no analogs in the history of Nikolaev. The hand of vandals encroached, without exaggeration, on the sacred - memory of heroes - Chernobyl veterans. Twenty two years ago tens of thousands of people gathered since all ends of the country to save the world from consequences of the most large-scale nuclear catastrophe in world history. One gave the lives, others left in Pripyat not only the health, but also health of the children. Thousands of liquidators of accident on the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station and live today in Nikolaev, and the unprecedented act of vandalism for certain will respond pain in their souls.

The incident has also one more aspect. In recent years illegal destruction of green plantings in Nikolaev gains more and more mass character.

Are destroyed both separate trees, and the whole green zones - beds, squares, parks. In most cases all this remains unpunished, and responsible - not found.Insignificant penalties for illegal demolition of trees stop nobody. If so goes further, there is a real threat of transformation of Nikolaev in some years to "the stone jungle".

Public organizations of Nikolaev and citizens demand carrying out comprehensive investigation of the barbarous act in the square of memory of heroes of Chernobyl and punishment of vandals on all severity of the Law. Residents have to know thanks to whom they lose recreation areas, with whose help "prison cells" on a place of shady squares arise and expand. Responsible has to be punished so that more to anybody and to mind didn't come to raise a hand both against sacred places for citizens, and against green zones which are not only decoration of our city, but also the vital ecological territories.

Nikolaev regional organization "Chernobyl Union of Ukraine"

Public organization "Our City"

Labor union of the former military personnel

Nikolaev sea meeting


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