Despite a ban, in Nikolaev beer to minors sell

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Yesterday, on October 21, on pubs of Nikolaev the furgonchik with representatives of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies and the press drove about. Quite so I passed raid on execution of the solution of session of the City Council "About a ban of sale of beer to citizens to whom 18 years" weren't executed.

The problem of raid (or so-called "delegations" as participants of raid nicknamed the group) consisted in visiting various pubs of the city (it seems, as even without the prevention) and to try to find out, whether sale of alcoholic beverages to children and teenagers is conducted. And at the same time and to ask, what measures are taken by directors of these institutions that such cases weren't.

"Delegation" checked two areas - Ship and Lenin. In the Ship area were "промониторены" Valentine and Victoria shops. Violations it wasn't recorded. On doors at an entrance and indoors plates hang: "To the citizens who haven't reached 18 years, sale of beer is forbidden". And sellers assure: "Beer sale to minors? ! For anything! ".

Sellers say that sometimes to them behind beer teenagers come. But they are expected by convincing refusal: "We won't give beer". And if behind beer the young man by which appearance it is impossible to determine came, was executed to it 18 or not, the passport is pressed. In the absence of that - a refusal.

On a question, whether the revenue of pubs after acceptance by city council of the above-mentioned decision fell, the owner of Valentina shop Valentina Pakhomova answers:

- The revenue fell because the summer passed. And that the city power forbade to sell beer to minors, decrease in revenue we didn't notice.

In Leninsky district "delegation" checked Tamara shop at Kosmonavtov Street crossing with Oktyabrsky Avenue. In it also everything was correct.

It became boring. Can't be that in our Nikolaev everything was so lawful and ideal.

Participants of action had an idea to ask any boy or the little girl of school age that someone from them tried to buy beer in a little shop or a larechka.

On stopping pavilion opposite to school No. 9 realization of this idea came to grief. The boy sent by us reported that beer to him didn't sell. The aunt sitting in a booth, even told: "Report to uncles and aunts that such any more didn't do". Probably, having beheld behind trees near school some cameras and members of our terrible "delegation", the shop assistant decided not to risk. The boy remained without beer.

When the car together with us moved to Mira Avenue, some journalists had a suspicion that all businessmen are warned that representatives of executive power and mass media make the raid. As - that too smoothly everything passed.

As soon as these ideas began to be introduced loudly aloud (can be, it and coincidence) on one of outlets to us was succeeded to record the fact of sale of beer the minor. Having stopped at Mira Avenue crossing with Izmalkov Street, we asked the girl passing by to buy beer in one of booths.

Here - that the shop assistant of a booth with an inscription "the Doner kebab. Jotas - a mastiff" (the business owner Kemalova Alla Vladimirovna) I made violation - I sold 13 - summer Christina a beer bottle.

The shop assistant refused any comments. And the vice-chairman of administration of Leninsky district Pyotr Movchan making with us a detour on snack bars of Leninsky district, reported:

- In the decision which was made by city council, measures which have to accept regional administrations not to allow beer sale to children were defined. We carried out explanatory work with businessmen a method of visit, distribution of copies of this decision, they also were notified by telephone messages. But completely to capture all points of the area extremely difficult. Generally placed emphasis on objects which are about schools … Unfortunately, on today's there are no drastic administrative measures that it was possible as - that to work on careless sellers. It is impossible to tell that this work doesn't give effect because we were convinced today: having visited some objects of trade, really there are boards which warn minors and discipline sellers and owners of trade objects. We will elicit such facts together with employees of department of trade and area administration. And at repeated violations we will bring the matter to deprivation of permission to trade.

According to the deputy chief of department of trade, the manager of sector of work of the markets Natalya Lapkova, any businessman who has allowed in the trade object sale of alcoholic and low alcohol beverages to minors, will be called to account at meeting of Coordination council. It is convoked necessarily (on the average - every quarter). Deputy mayors, heads of regional administrations, representatives of Antimonopoly committee, business, etc. are a part of this council. The deputy of the mayor Alexander Zhenzherukha conducts meetings of Coordination council.


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