The Nikolaev mayor signed the contract on cooperation with "Ukrinform"

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Today, on October 22, in the Small Hall горсисполкома signing of the Contract on cooperation for 2009 between the Ukrainian national news agency "Ukrinform" in the person of the director general Victor Chamara and the mayor Vladimir Chaika took place.

As Victor Chamara reported, "Ukrinform" is the main information service of our state, and with Nikolayev the agency is connected by old and strong bonds.

"Today we begin a number of actions, and isn't casual that we begin them here, in Nikolaev. In Ukraine there are stronger regions, such as Donbass, but in Nikolaev, forces of the Nikolaev bulk, huge work on scales on a development of the city, on development of social and information structure is carried out. Besides, you have very strong city hall, one of the strongest in Ukraine", - the director "Ukrinforma" so commented on contract signing.

In return, Vladimir Chaika thanked "Ukrinform's" employees for work, professional and unbiased interpretation of events in the state. The mayor declared that today various events which occur in our state, have to increase image of Ukraine. And Nikolaev, according to him, too does everything possible for increase of image of the state.

After an exchange of courtesies and solemn signing of the contract on cooperation Vladimir Dmitriyevich left a press - conference. Victor Fyodorovich Chamara continued a briefing and answered questions of journalists. For demonstration of opportunities "Ukrinform" on a press - conferences had to take place a teleconference with Kiev. However for technical reasons communication interrupted.

Reference:The Ukrainian national UKRINFORM news agency - the successor of UTA, BUPA, UKTA, RATAU, for nice 90 - summer history of development passed a successful way from the small information service consisting of several correspondents, to the powerful news agency which is widely known in Ukraine and abroad.

Today UKRINFORM cooperates with many foreign information institutes, including world, on the basis of bilateral agreements.The agency is one of 12 information services of Europe which prepare the materials in all available multimedia formats.

UKRINFORM has own correspondents and press photographers in all areas of Ukraine, and in Donetsk, Lviv, Odessa, Simferopol and Kharkov - regional departments of information.

Foreign correspondents of agency quickly inform on events from Germany, China, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Romania, Hungary, Uzbekistan, the Baltic States and others.

UKRINFORM today are about 500 messages in the Ukrainian, Russian, English and German languages, nearly 200 pictures daily. The agency is widely presented by the information products on the world Internet.
Recipients of information УКРИНФОРМа are power structures, newspapers of different levels and broadcasting company of Ukraine, the enterprise, the organization, business concerns, foreign consumers. Tapes УКРИНФОРМа receive under agreements 26 of foreign agencies, among which, in particular: ITAR - TASS (Russia), MTI (Hungary), TASR (Slovakia), TANYuG (Serbia), BTA (Bulgaria), Xinhua (China), BELTA (Belarus), ELTA (Lithuania), Azertadzh (Azerbaijan), KABAR (Kyrgyzstan); foreign embassies in Ukraine, followers in the USA, Canada, Germany, the Kingdom of Belgium, the Republic of Bulgaria, the Republic of Poland, Australia.


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