The son of the Nikolaev mayor came to set to the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies the seal as simple nikolayevets

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Today, on October 22, in the Small Hall of the Nikolaev Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies it was very crowded. Action wasn't similar to a press - conference or meeting of any council (as wasn't acting). Tens people with piles of papers went from one table to another, squeezing the friend between the friend, and people who scrupulously looked through these papers sat at tables and set the seals. Today with a package of documents here it was possible to see and the son Nikolaev mayor Vladimir Chaika - Vladislav Chaika.

As the correspondent managed to find out "News of N", each Nikolaev businessman or the simple citizen who wants to construct something has to undergo this procedure. And it is unimportant that - shop, gas station, or a small pristroyechka.

Any document is considered legitimate if on it 16 seals of various city instances and services are put down.

The chief inzhenerno - geodetic department of management of construction and architecture Evgeny Evtodyev agreed to comment to us on this action.

- The quantity of the seals for various reasons can be either more, or it is less, - he speaks. - The person who has to set the seal, can be absent. If it is absent for a good reason, he calls me and speaks: "I won't be. You know my networks? See documents. If everything is normal, coordinate without me". If I doubt its networks, then I send the person into place that he surveyed these networks … The commission sits every Wednesday from two o'clock in the afternoon. Here 15 members of the commission sit. I 16-ый.

According to Evgeny Evtodyev, behind coordination on Wednesdays absolutely different number of people comes. Can come 30, 40, it is less or more.

- Though to Soviet period and to 150-ти could come. Now such boom isn't present … Finally (if the person wants to construct something or to attach - a bus.) anyway it will be necessary to come to the commission because any general plan signed by the chief architect of the city, is agreed on this commission - regarding existence of engineering networks or standard distance of objects from engineering objects. Also works on laying of engineering networks (water, the sewerage, gas, etc.) are coordinated. This commission for all identical. "Selective" anybody isn't present.

For g - the number Evtodyev remains the right to "the last press". And if on your documents there is no one press at least (though from GAI though from a water utility), the answer it will be predicted - it will send you … behind the missing press …


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