Ambassador of the USA: "Political crisis in Ukraine will call into question PDCh"

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Political crisis can negatively influence making decision on granting to Ukraine of the plan of action on providing membership in NATO, the ambassador of the USA William Taylor considers.

"Certainly, political confusion which now reigns in Ukraine, considerably will complicate prospect of achievement by the countries of NATO of a consent concerning granting PDCh to Ukraine in December of this year", - he told in interview "To economic news".

Taylor noted that if the government of Ukraine, the president the demand for accession of Ukraine to PDCh will continue to adhere, the USA will support it.

"But if political crisis in Ukraine calls desire of the country into question, it will be difficult to countries of NATO to make the decision", - he told.

At the same time, according to the ambassador, "it won't be infinite history".

"In Bucharest all leaders of the countries of NATO agreed that Ukraine and Georgia become members of alliance. Certainly, it will occur if the Ukrainian people and the country as a whole want to enter NATO", - he told.

"The USA and many other members of alliance consider that Ukraine is ready to PDCh. Only your political instability disturbs. But NATO makes decisions on the basis of consensus", - Taylor added.

Making comments on an initiative of the president Victor Yushchenko of early parliamentary elections, he noted that "elections - the necessary element of democracy and a way of the solution of problems, but is also other ways of the solution of problems which assume effective management of the state during the postelective period on the basis of results of vote".

"And in the last two years voters of Ukraine expressed the opinion concerning Rada structure twice", - Taylor told.

He noted that the United States want to see in Ukraine "the government which is capable to operate".

"Ukraine is faced by problems. It can cope with them if it is uniform. And vice versa - it it will be difficult if it is divided", - the ambassador told.

He also noted that both candidates for President of the USA - Barack Obama and John McCain - support Ukraine.

"From this debate and all election campaign in the USA it is obvious that both major candidates - hot supporters of Ukraine. In


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