In drugstores of Nikolaev of price of medicines grow: monitoring of the prices of some medicines

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For assignment performance the Prime minister - the minister of Ukraine No. 163 of 17.10.08 concerning research of a situation which developed as a result of rise in prices for medicines, State inspection of control of the prices in the Nikolaev area provides operational information.

As it was already reported, State inspection of the prices in the Nikolaev area created the general working group on. Specialists of the Public tax administration, the Department of Internal Affairs, the state inspectorate for quality control of medicines, regional SES entered it to studying of a situation of rather sharp increase in the prices of medicines.

The working group carries out checks of pharmaceutical institutions of all forms of ownership concerning observance of the state discipline of the prices.

Wholesalers who provide supply by medicines in the territory of the Nikolaev area, are branches of legal entities - distributors who are registered in other regions of Ukraine. Therefore state inspection of the prices, together with the state inspectorate for quality control of medicines in the Nikolaev area, from 17.10.08 carried out till 24.10.08 researches a price - sheets of wholesale companies of JSC BADM, JSC VVS-LTD, JSC Venta, JSC Fito-Lek, JSC Artur, JSC Medfarkom-center.

Existing branches don't form is wholesale - retail prices, and only carry out distribution of medicines at the prices created at the central offices. Branches refuse to provide information concerning the change in price for medicines, referring to that the central offices provide to inspectorates of the prices for places of registration.

As of 24.10.08 state inspection I carried out monitoring of the prices of medicines in 53 pharmaceutical institutions of retail network of Nikolaev. Pharmaceutical institutions of municipal property, private legal entities and business owners - natural persons were subject to monitoring.

By results of the analysis it is established that formation of retail prices completely depends on level of selling prices of the wholesale suppliers which prices tend fluctuations.

But even when it is wholesale - retail selling price grows or remains without changes, retail prices for medicines in a distribution network of pharmaceutical institutions don't raise and tend gradual decrease.

So, as of 01.10.08, Fezam medicine, the capsules No. 60, received from one - selling price of 14,61 UAH, was implemented at retail price of 19,20 UAH of the supplier on оптов

15.10.08 it was raised both the price of the supplier, and retail: 16,35 UAH and 20,30 UAH, respectively. 24.10.08 the price of the supplier remained invariable, and retail price was reduced to 19,20 UAH (level on 01.10.08). Thus, the trade extra charge is reduced by 14 percentage points (from 31,4% to 17,4).

It should be noted that, reacting to Government requirements concerning stabilization of a price situation in the consumer market of the medicines, some wholesalers reduce is wholesale - selling prices.

So, for example, as of 1.10.08 But — Shpa medicine of the tab. of 40 mg. No. 20 received by a pharmaceutical institution from the wholesaler of JV Optima-Farm at the price of 5,74 UAH, was implemented in retail network at the price of 7,60 UAH

15.10.08 the same preparation was received at the price of 6,18 UAH, and was implemented at the price of 8,30 UAH

24.10.08 the wholesaler reduced the price of a preparation to 5,68 UAH, the realization price thus to the end user былаа to 7,05 UAH. Thus, the price of realization of the preparation "But — Shpa" now in comparison with level on 01.10.08 is reduced by 7,8% due to decrease is wholesale - selling price of 1,1% and is lowered decrease in level of a trade extra charge in a retail distribution network from 32,4% to 24,1%.

However sometimes distributors take waiting position and in general refuse снабжатьми medicines. отдельны

So, the preparation "Panangin", the tab. covered with a cover No. 50, 01.10.08 was got trade сетьюЧП "Medicine for you" at the wholesale supplier of JSC VVS-LTD at the price of 9,78 UAH of pharmaceutical institutions

15.10.08 JSC VVS-LTD refused supply by this preparation and state of emergency "Medicine for you" received this preparation from JV Optima-Farm, but at the bigger price - 10,29 UAH

24.10.08 this preparation was received from other supplier - JSC Artur, but the price thus already makes 10,46 UAH.(compared with 9,78 UAH as of 01.10.08).

Retail price, irrespective of change of the supplier and growth of the price of supply, remained invariable - 12,00 UAH due to reduction of a trade extra charge of state of emergency "Medicine for you" in retail network from 22,7% to 14,7%.

From the given examples it is visible that reduction of retail prices by medicines is generally carried out at the expense of retail pharmaceutical institutions of area.

It should be noted that in the market of medicines and products of medical appointment state inspection of the prices takes for stabilization of a price situation additional to offered by the Government measures, namely:

- actively cooperates with public organization "Association of Businessmen of the Nikolaev and Kherson Areas" which part the greatest part of the business owners enabling the realization of medicines in area and which retail prices is are reduced in comparison with a state on 01.10.08 almost to 9%;

- work with the Enterprise of municipal property "Pharmacy" concerning need of introduction of the appropriate measures on stabilization of a price situation by pharmaceutical institutions in regions of area where the prices of separate preparations remain higher, than in the regional center is carried out.

Besides, by results of the analysis of data "Pharmacy" it is established that in the list of medicines presented for monitoring of the prices of medicines, drugs of the greatest consumption aren't called. Now PSKO "Pharmacy", considering opinions of experts - physicians, prepares the offer - addition to the list which will define the medicines most necessary and available to needy consumers.


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