More than a year it was required to the Nikolaev city council for carrying out new land auction

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On October 28 at 11 o'clock in the Small Hall of the Nikolaev city council auction on sale of the right of rent of the land plot which was carried out by the Nikolaev branch of the state joint stock company "National Network of the Auction Centers", with direct participation of his director Vladimir Mikhaylovich Pisny took place.

The right of rent of the land plot of 885 sq.m for a period of 25 years, which purpose - object placement socially - trade appointment on Oktyabrsky Ave. crossing from Metallurgov St. in the Ship area was a lot of auction.

By the beginning of action it was registered three participants who paid a registration fee. Their rights and duty were explained to participants.

As a part of present were, including the deputy of the mayor - Gatsura V. Ya. the head of department of land management - Kamozina V. V. and representatives of the public.

Auction was carried out in the quiet, benevolent and constructive atmosphere.

The starting price of a lot was determined as 10% of a standard monetary assessment and made 41 591,00 UAH

As a result of the auction eight steps with increase in the price at 10% in comparison with each subsequent stage were passed.

The participant who has offered the price of a lot at a rate of 81 049,00 UAH that makes 91,58 UAH for 1 sq.m. became the winner of auction. In my opinion, this price could be much higher - at due carrying out an advertizing campaign. As this site was rather attractive. Information and marketing maintenance of this auction leaves much to be desired. Voronezh announcements about holding the auction, on - to mine, it was placed only in one newspaper - "Evening Nikolaev". More no advertizing existed, from here and a small amount of participants.

After the end of the auction and summing up auction all necessary legal formalities were observed.

I want to note genuine, sincere pleasure of the winner of auction.In her eyes were read both pleasure of a victory, and easy bewilderment of that here it is so simple, quiet, without vanity, anybody unnecessary tension can receive desirable result for development of the small business. It also is business support about which speak very much, in it and the sense and the purpose of carrying out auctions is put. The city council takes and carries out necessary concord procedure, and the participant is protected from all problems arising on a way of preparation of documents, comes, takes part in auction, and by results of the open, competitive auction gets a ready-made product.

Thus the local budget receives always necessary means for the solution of pressing problems of the city.

Unfortunately, it was the first auction for all 2008, the last took place on September 12, 2007. More than a year it was required to the Nikolaev city council for carrying out new land auction. The branch project on this land plot was prepared by Management of land resources of the Nikolaev city council last year, but auctions in spite of the fact that the mayor Vladimir Chaika constantly emphasized special importance and value for the city of this action, weren't carried out. The reasons were banal, explained with absence is standard - legal base. Though statistical data of the State committee on land resources in the first half of the year 2008 testified that in Ukraine during the specified period more than 2038 land plots and the rights of rent for them with a total area of 1783,5 hectares for the sum more than 930942,77 thousand UAH

were sold

It should be noted very important, positive point - all of us - we seek to sell the right of rent, instead of the land plots in property as arrive in other cities of Ukraine. That allows the budget to receive a payment by results of auction, and, besides, a systematic rent, for stable development of land resources of the city. Also it is an important factor.

In October the Law of Ukraine "About modification of some acts of Ukraine about assistance to construction" which concerns, including, and carrying out auctions where it is accurately registered took effect that buying of rent of the land plots has to be carried out only through auction.

According to standards of the called law Management of land resources prepared the draft decision on the approval of the new list of the land plots which is considered at meeting of the constant commission on questions of architecture, constructions and regulations of the land relations for the subsequent approval by regular session of city council that will allow to fill up during so economically hard, unstable time city budget with additional financial receipts.

Deputy of city council,

chairman of a constant

commissions on questions

architecture, constructions

and regulations of the land relations V.I.Merikov


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