Yushchenko designates date of elections as soon as Rada will give on them money

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The president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko promises to declare date of early parliamentary elections right after acceptance by the Verkhovna Rada of the decision on assignment for their carrying out.

The head of state told about it on a press - conferences in Donetsk.

"Today the question of financing of elections is in a parliament field, it is competence of parliament. From here the answer to formation of date of elections is formed. In other words: at first financing, carrying out changes and additions (in electoral laws), the second step - the decree of the President about early elections with concrete date", - were told by V. Yushchenko.

He hoped that today the parliament will adopt the bill of financing of early elections.

V. Yushchenko emphasized that political stability in the country can be provided only with parliament which works effectively. He once again noted that blocking of work of the Verkhovna Rada is not democratic method of the solution of political crisis.

The president noted that today from - for absence of trust all political forces presented in parliament, can't find common positions on these or those questions.

"That policy which was pursued in the relations between political forces and, in particular, the prime minister - the minister in relation to the Coalition of democratic forces, destroyed this trust, made impossible coalition existence. Behind it it isn't necessary to cry, it is necessary to look for the following democratic step following from the Constitution", - he told.

At this V. Yushchenko expressed confidence that the coalition as a part of BYuT, Party of Regions and communists today it is already impossible to create, difficult to speak and about probability of renewal of the democratic coalition.

"I as the President, on a step I won't give up on the democratic organization of the solution of this problem", - emphasized V. Yushchenko, having added that the Ukrainian legislation accurately gives answers how to work further in such cases.


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