The mayor of Nikolaev Vladimir Chaika "with fight" broke on session of the City Council

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Today, on October 30, regular session of the Nikolaev city council began.

In spite of the fact that deputies transferred session to the Teacher's club on Lenin Avenue, 166, they didn't manage to avoid pickets which regularly take place during sessions.

Today near the building of the Teacher's club about 75 people gathered. Deputies already got used to Our City organization pickets, but today among picketers people with "warm" flags of BYuT were noticed.

Generally all protests of people were reduced to the land conflicts. People chanted: "A seagull, leave to the people! ", "A seagull, leave alone playgrounds! ", "We don't want to live in the stone jungle! ", etc.

Some piketchitsa tried to break through in a conference hall, however they didn't manage it. Women left the Teacher's club building with words: "Thieves in chairs took seat, don't let us and don't want to leave to us".

As usual, neither deputies, nor the mayor didn't react to requirements of picketers to leave to gathered. However the protester everything is it was succeeded to catch the mayor. Vladimir Dmitriyevich arrived on session and came into a conference hall just while the activist of the Our City organization Anatoly Onufriychuk addressed to picketers, listing addresses to which are conducted illegal, in opinion of "Our city", building.

Gathered at once surrounded the mayor, without allowing it to pass. Trying "to reach" the mayor, picketers resorted to cunning - to "the singing mayor" brought children and demanded to look them in eyes. "Building up playgrounds, you select at them the childhood! " - picketers declared.

However, as we know, Vladimir Dmitriyevich is able to leave any situation.

Without paying attention to requirements gathered, the mayor started posing willingly for cameras together with children.

From crowd was heard: "Stop the public relations - campaigns. We know how you are able to pose on the camera".

Seagull I tried упокоить the angered picketers, however in a rumble of voices it didn't catch. Then Anatoly Onufriychuk gave it the megaphone. The megaphone "indicated radioactivity" that forced Vladimir Dmitriyevich to be nervous even more.

He promised to suspend all buildings, however crowd didn't believe."You main in the city, you have the veto", - picketers shouted. Vladimir Dmitriyevich answered that main in the city - a city bulk.

Such statement angered crowd even more. "You spat on a city bulk! " - people shouted.

When the crowd everything is released the mayor, he considerably was nervous. Having entered a conference hall, Vladimir Dmitriyevich sharply addressed to deputies: "You had to stand near me and answer people. We made decisions together with you, so why I had to answer? ".

Possibly, deputies considered that a question rhetorical because nobody answered the mayor.

After that session began regularly.


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