"Shirker" Chaika received a medal on behalf of SKP CPSU

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At the very beginning of work 29-й sessions of the Nikolaev city council which takes place today in the Teacher's club, to a microphone left the deputy of the Nikolaev regional council from KPU Nikolay Dzardanov.

"Yesterday the civilized part of our planet celebrated 90-ю anniversary of Komsomol", - so there began the performance N. Dzardanov.

"I would like to congratulate today all who adhered to positions of the Lenin communistic union of youth. The most part here present are supporters of this movement. Moreover - all of us grew up from Komsomol and devoted it the youth. Many from present at this hall were Komsomol members is both Korenyugin, and Novozhilov, and Bessolov whom I sent on a jungle of Leninsky district", - the deputy - the communist declared.

According to N. Dzardanov, the Nikolaev mayor V. Chaika "shirked yesterday's action". But despite it, the head of KPU fraction in Nikolaevsk regional council nevertheless handed over to the mayor, as to the former secretary of committee of Komsomol of Dormashina plant, a medal on behalf of SKP CPSU.

After that N. Dzardanov complained that now in the country there is no uniting idea, and here Komsomol, in his opinion, could unite all.

Vladimir Dmitriyevich hastened to justify and declared that yesterday he was in business trip in Kiev and brought from there limits on gas.


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