The deputy threatened that will complain in prosecutor's office of the City Council if don't consider its voice

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Today, on October 30, on next 29-oh sessions of the Nikolaev city council the scandal connected with burstthe termination of deputy powers of one deputies of the City Council from Natalya Vitrenko's block "National opposition" and introduction in a depuy corps of other 4 deputies.

Information on the meeting which has taken place on October 27 of a territorial election commission was made by the head of this commission Victor Lapchenko.

He declared that territorial election commission made the decision on Sergej Choubin, Bronislav Dolgosheev, Lilia Lyakh, Vadim Akhanchonk's "replacement" by Oksana Kuchma, Tamara Diament, Oleg Miguel and Oleg Demenko.

Being present at City Council session the deputy of a regional council from KPU Nikolay Dzardanov expressed opinion that this decision is unauthorized as two deputies whom try to expel, filed a lawsuit claims.

"We won't give in offense deputies of city council, deputies of regional council", - the deputy - the communist with voices raised declared.

In turn, the deputy from the block N. Vitrenko "National opposition" K. Bely declared that the decision on the termination of these deputy powers of 4 deputies is illegitimate as the "National Opposition — Russia Party" block doesn't exist since June 24, 2006 and it is impossible to apply to them standards of the imperative mandate.

Dmitry Nikonov, the leader of PSPU fraction disagreed with it in Nikolaevsk city council. According to him, the block exists and is legitimate.

After these disputes deputies asked to speak about it specialists of legal department of the office of the City Council. They, in turn, suggested not to consider to a final decision of court at session as voices of those who left, and voices of new deputies.

The position of the Nikolaev mayor on this problem looks the most logical. According to V. Chaika, the City Council can't interfere with this question. Start up everything will decide in court, and then deputies will consider this question.

Correctly, why to take out that is created in separate political structure on a public inspection.

In turn, Sergej Choubin declared:"If my voice isn't considered, I will address with the statement in prosecutor's office about violation of my rights as deputy".

Generally, the question remained in a hover. Anybody didn't understand, whose raised hands need to be considered …


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