The Klakson market will extend. Though it and "gnidnik"

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Yesterday, on October 30, at the first plenary session of city council, the head of fraction of the Block of Natalia Vitrenko "National opposition" Dmitry Nikonov took out "by ear" a question of Klakson market expansion. Allegedly, the judicial instance already considered the appeal from BYuT on the decision 20-oh City Council sessions (when the owner of the market, the deputy Anatoly Dyumin at repeated vote all - managed "to squeeze out" the decision on expansion of the market of deputies) and recommended to city council to consider repeatedly a question of providing permission to expansion of this market. This decision was supported by a majority vote.

And today, on October 30, at the second plenary session of session of the City Council, the member of National Opposition fraction - RUSSIA party Lilia Lyakh acted with sharp condemnation of adoption of such decision.

- People of the house who addressed to us, have to know that the fraction "Blok of Natalia Vitrenko "National opposition" "pressed through" yesterday by ear this question that it lobbies others interests, makes antinational decisions, and in it they are supported by the mayor, - she told.

Later, explaining the position, Lilia Lyakh showed the thick folder of documents which show it is available the mass of violations in Klakson market work. According to her, in the akhovaya market a situation.

- I worked in the commission which was engaged in studying of the situation which has developed in the Klakson market, with the assistance of representatives of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, a sanepidemstantion, veterinary medicine and other city services... I approached to business owners of this market. And when pointed out them those defects which people take place (and it is garbage, lack of garbage tanks) spoke: "Deputies on such "gnidnik" don't go, they go on supermarkets".That is, businessmen understand and recognize that it is "gnidnik". There was a commission conclusion - to bring an order that it was safe that passes were released and aren't cluttered up that there were in purity same weights that meat didn't roll under feet, on it flies didn't sit, the mass of animals didn't run, didn't smell this meat and didn't touch it.

In meat storage meat lay - and this with the fact that the storage didn't work (that is, there was no temperature). And it, according to the deputy Lyakh, threatens not only to health, but also life of people, which скупаются in this market.

- Firefighters told that the fire corner isn't equipped. The toilet, it seems, functions, but washout isn't present. And the woman who costs on control (she has control scales), she here serves also a toilet...


The owner of the market, ex-the chairman of the constant deputy commission on architecture questions Anatoly Dyumin, any more the first month (and even year) asks colleagues - deputies to support its intention to construct parking near the market and to grant permission to it for installation of new trade pavilions. It is opposed by the deputies concerning Dawn — Mashproyekt plant (which the market practically adjoins), and inhabitants of adjacent houses down the street Astronauts.

Anatoly Dyumin repeatedly claimed that he tries for employees of plant as wants to free the avenue conducting to a checkpoint, and to displace the market a little aside. However deputies - factory workers don't trust it and don't seek to support its initiative.

The deputy of city council Lyudmila Bulakh (Green Party) claimed that the market and so is too close to plant. If it also to displace, it leads to that it in general will occupy the territories adjacent to plant and, in fact, will settle down at its threshold. Besides, shift of the market will lead to cutting down of trees in nearby territories.

It was reported that:

A) on "Horn" the total insanitary conditions,


B) rules of trade,

are violated

C) norms of a public hostel,

are broken

D) traffic regulations (pogruzochno - discharging on the carriageway, the round-the-clock driving of motor transport under windows of houses),

are violated

E) there are letters with signatures of inhabitants of houses No. 62 and 64 who oppose categorically market expansion,

E) city SES already rendered "verdicts" concerning an unsatisfactory condition of the market.

G) the state construction norms are roughly broken.

We will dwell upon the last.

In - the first, according to norms, 6 sq.m of the free area of the market have to fall on 1 sq.m of a floor space. In the Klakson market of the free area is twice less. In - the second, the distance from entrances on the market from intersections has to be not less than 100 m. In the Klakson market - is 3 times less. Thereby the foundation for continuous road incidents is laid. In - the third, the distance from houses to open parkings has to be not less than 15 m. In the Klakson market the distance of 12 m is provided. In - the fourth, fire safety regulations provide placement no more than ten trade pavilions in the same row. In their Klakson market 20. (Data of the deputy Tatyana Filonok)...

Whether the owner of the market is going to bring an order in the market not to anger neither residents of nearby houses, nor deputies - factory workers and with what it will begin expansion, remained secret - Dyumin at session wasn't present...


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