Deputies of the Nikolaev City Council sold the land: Concrete goods, decided not to sell to "Velam" and "Nibulona" – offered a little?

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Yesterday, on October 31, the second plenary session of 29 sessions of the Nikolaev city council took place.

16 sites which were offered for selling were submitted for discussion of deputies.

Deputies decided that from these 16 sites a half - 8 will be sold.

Decisions on other eight sites didn't pass - them transferred and will consider at the following session of the Nikolaev city council.

The most rough discussions turned out on three sites, to get which expressed desire of JSC Nikolaev Plant of Ferroconcrete Products, JSC Nibulon and JSC Velam.

We will begin one after another:

1)Question "About sale of the land plot of JSC Nikolaev Plant of Ferroconcrete Products, to the address: Industrialnaya St., 3а, for a production activity"it was put on vote before a lunch break. According to this decision, JSC Nikolaev Plant of Ferroconcrete Products would have to pay for 48162 sq.m of 1 million 611 thousand UAH. At once it was clear that this decision won't collect necessary quantity votes. And it turned out.

The mayor of Nikolaev V. Chaika was very angry and put this question to the vote once again. But the result was the same. The leader of "regionals" in the City Council P. Zibrov explained the position so: "This enterprise yet didn't pay for the land plot bought earlier. They now ask to grant them a delay on that payment. The same will be and in this case".

But the Nikolaev mayor didn't want to give up. "Go to this enterprise at least time and look …", - V. Chaika offered and declared a break.

To discussion of this question returned already at the end of session. But, as the mayor didn't insist, this question didn't pass. Having summed up vote on the matter, V. Chaika told: "I will be in the future more basic … I invite leaders of all fractions to go with me to this enterprise and to explain to people why you so voted".

2)Question "About sale of the land plot of JSC Nibulon down the street Pushkin, 12/1".According to this decision, JSC Nibulon would have to pay for 1500 sq.m of 232 thousand UAH.

But from deputies from PSPU fraction was heard: It is "not enough". Vladimir Chaika, as well as in a case with concrete goods, began "to drag" this decision.

"Listen, "Nibulon" redeemed today the land plots, enclosed there 8 million UAH. And what you want? "To download" still? Let's be reasonable. They plan to construct there fine hotel with showroom. You rush on those producers who help the city. And what it equipped 10 computer classes in the city? It helps all our hungry - cold. Never "Nibulon" refused our social programs. Don't force to the knees the", - V. Chaika called.

But it didn't reach deputies. Only 29 people's deputies voted for this decision.

Reaction of the mayor to vote of deputies was approximately following: "Go and tell the Hero of Ukraine why you made such decision".

3) Question discussion "About sale of the land plot of JSC Velam, down the street" took place 116 Divisions in the same course, as previous. According to this decision, JSC Velam would have to pay for 22348 sq.m of 684 thousand UAH

Having a presentiment that the result of vote will be same as in a case with "Nibulon", V. Chaika declared: "Let's ruin the following. These are our producers - give …".

And he wasn't mistaken is a decision didn't pass.

P. Zibrov on the matter spoke as follows: "Let's do as in Kiev: the rich enterprise - pay more! ".

As a result only 15 deputies voted for this decision. V. Chaika reacted to it words: "Here and people for you will vote".


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